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Monday, November 19, 2012

saying "good bye"

i think i mentioned awhile back that dear friends of ours were moving. two weeks ago...it happened!!

it is the first time in my life (and at almost 30, i think it's doing pretty well!) that i have had to deal with a friend moving away.

let me tell you. it's been A LOT harder than i thought. i thought i was doing well. then she moved! lol. the past two weeks have been REALLY hard on me.

i think what made "losing" this friend the hardest, is that i met her at a time in my life that i really felt like i had no friends. i saw her, and figured i'd never be "good enough" for her friendship. she's the person who walks around and you can feel the confidence oozing off of her. that is not me, or i'd like to think, now, was NOT me.

so when she invited me over for a play date, i was stoked! :) and then she answered the door in her sweats. i realized HA! she is just like me. just a way better dresser at church. ;)

amelya and her daughter, ella, really hit it off. it's a crazy combo really. ella is a full two years younger than amelya, but for whatever reason they were truly best friends. play dates ensued at least monthly. family dates every once in awhile.

our relationships with all of each other really grew. what really grew us was her miscarriage, i blogged about it here, it was the first time in my life that i had to go through it "on the other side" and watch someone i loved go through it. our bond grew a lot through that. of course, the play dates were a lot of fun. but beth always hosted craft nights...for the big girls! her husband traveled and we could help pass time with some crafting. if craft night ended on the same night it started...we were doing good! the half hour drives were sometimes brutal...but worth the fellowship with dear friends!

so, to say i was/am sad...is really very true. i'm super sad. this is an "emotional" week ;) and yesterday at walmart i cried while walking through the store because something reminded me of her and made me laugh at the memory. i guess i'm just sad because instead of driving a half hour, we have to drive 13+ hours to go visit. so i'll miss that. and really...she just moved. it's driveable. it's all good.

i'm just in a funk. and this made it sort of worse. BUT God is good. He's provided me with MANY friends since meeting beth at church. our church is filled with some of our most dearest friends. and i'm SO thankful for where God has us!!

here's a picture of all the kiddos the day we said "good bye"

 and..in the full 2 years since we've met...we never had a picture together. so i made shaun snap this one. :)

we're already planning our vacation to visit them in TN. 

so really it's not "good bye" but SEE YOU SOON!! 

ps. beth, is an awesome blogger. i know she will be getting internet back soon. in the mean time..you should read her blog and catch up! she rocks!!

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