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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wordless wednesday: FINALLY!

in a house full of sisters..dustin USUALLY ends up wearing dresses. tutus. and frilly skirts. when they play dress up.
this past weekend...i found a costume on clearance. 

we FINALLY have a boy dress up outfit!!

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Just Me... said...
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Just Me... said...

Oh, yes, I know how this goes. I only have 2 kids. But DD6 is a girly girl. And poor DS needs some more males in his little world. But just like Dustin when the kids play, if it's dress up, it's usually some kind of girly outfit.

This caused me to start cutting up DH's shirts to make Super Hero capes for DS3 (4 on the 24th) and finding one of my dads old ties.

Then when his birthday rolled around last year I was quick to purchase him a Woody Costume. It was perfect! He loves Toy Story.

Now, he's got a few things he can dress up in when they decide to play. Thank goodness.