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Thursday, December 20, 2012

crochet talk

i know. i know. is THIS really all you talk about?! is what you're probably thinking.
truth is, it it's not. 
BUT i love sharing it. so you're stuck with more crochet talk.

with my kids and husband being sick so much in the past few weeks, i've used crocheting as my "chilling out" method at the end of the day. needless to say...i've crocheted a bit in the past few weeks. 

and really, God has blessed me with orders, so it gives me something TO crochet.

here are two hats i did for sisters. they're on a swim team, and these are the team colors. each flower is attached to a clip, so they can change it up! i can't wait to find out if they love them for Christmas!

a sweet photographer friend of mine, and frequent customer! asked me to do a cowboy hat. i was intimidated. but i DID IT!! it turned out super cute. it's one hat. with two different clips. :) 

the angry birds hat i posted last time was my first hat without a pattern. well...here's my second! i just found some pictures of hats that i liked. and went with it. i present...minnie mouse.

adults need hats, too! here's an adult newsboy hat. i honestly LOVE this hat. the color is cute. and the buttons are cute. i just wish I looked cute in hats. with short hair i feel like i look like, well...an idiot. ANYWAYS...

a dear friend at church ordered an owl for her niece. i LOVE the colors! 

and now, i keep moving along on my list. 

seriously, i can't not talk enough about how blessed i feel! each time i post a hat, i get a request for another. or sometimes two more. God really has blessed this. and without His blessing, i know it would be nothing. 

and, i finally decided to make a page on facebook...so if you're on facebook...you can "like" 
and honestly, i've wanted to make a page...but couldn't think of a name. i prayed, and God answered me! :) 

2 loving words from you.:

Melissa said...

you do an amazing job :) very cute newsboy hat! love the color too :)

Lindy said...

Are you on ravelry? You should be. It's fun and addicting!:) I also agree. Short hair and hats just aren't meant to be...I have made a few cute ear warmers for myself! Super cute things.