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Friday, December 21, 2012

i love a great buy

i love a great buy. 
i love facebook "buy/sell/trade" pages.
i love when i can find a great buy ON those pages.

and last weekend i found one! someone was selling a little photography set up. for cheap. only $100 bucks.
shaun was at Bible study when i saw it. so i asked the girl if she would hold it for me, until i could talk to him. 
she did. i talked to him. he said yes!!

woo hoo. here is a little picture of it...and my four little helpers. i think i'm glad i set it up with evaleigh napping! ;) 
i can't wait to use it "for real" with the kids. actually i'm going to use it with my niece and nephew first.
i don't really feel led to have a full blown "business" with photography, but love to take pictures when the opportunity presents itself. and now i can actually do DECENT indoor ones.

seriously. SO excited about this!! i think the kids are too. ;)

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