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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what we've been up to.

just like that Christmas is OVER?!
it didn't even feel like Christmas, and now it's over?! super hard to believe!

last week we had a huge snowstorm. major blizzard, in fact. i got some crocheting done. :)

a few weeks back my dear friend in california, veronica, asked if i'd make her niece a hat. and then she'd make me a cowl. i was totally up for a trade. i've wanted a cowl, but haven't found the time to make myself one. so now i'm getting one. :) i'm excited. and i'm nervous for her to get the hat i made. veronica is a super star crochet-er, and i don't want to disappoint. 

then i made a newborn owl hat. it's for someone who found me on facebook. i was super excited about this order, just because it was my first "cold" order. she wasn't referred to me by anyone, just found me through facebook. i "know" her, because we're from the same town, but it's still a new customer. :)

because of the blizzard, the girls and dustin's dance recital was rescheduled for friday. they did SO wonderfully. i haven't uploaded any pictures to my computer, so i don't have any to share. sorry!! it was the first recital i got to be a part of the audience! it was fun to just enjoy the show. i'll admit, i teared up a little bit. they were just so darn wonderful. their teacher did an awesome job with them.

friday night the kiddos all slept at my parents house. so shaun and enjoyed dinner out after the recital. and a quiet morning to ourselves saturday. saturday we spent at my parent's house for Christmas. we were all blessed with great gifts. and the kids were given the "traditional jammies". here are all 7 of the grandchildren.

sunday we had church. the kids did their performance of songs. ((wonderful!!)) and after church we did Christmas with the kids. a HUGE advantage to not doing santa, we can do Christmas whenever we want. :) the kids got me a labeler. woo hoo!! i was so excited. (it's one that hooks up to the computer, so i can use all my fun fonts!) and shaun got me some beautiful diamond earrings. i got shaun a big tool set he wanted. and the kids got him a nice coffee cup and pajama pants. they ALWAYS get him pajama pants. i think it's cute. and he's a good sport...this year they're sesame street ones. :)  

and we ended the night with a fun movie. what's in the Bible with buck denver, Christmas movie! and some hot chocolate.

on Christmas eve shaun worked in the morning. and we had my grandparents in the evening. ((again, i didn't load pictures to my computer yet)) i also decided on Christmas eve to crochet MYSELF something. since i learned to crochet i've only made myself a ghetto looking scarf. so i decided to try out a cowl for myself. veronica's making me one out of chunky yarn. so i used a regular weight yarn and made this.

you can't tell much by the picture "what" it is...so here's  me modeling it. :)
and my freshly colored hair. :) i had a hair appt on friday, too. 
i really like how it turned out. and want to go to the "nice yarn" store and get some really nice yarn and make myself another one. 

i also gave my cousin her Christmas present. shaun had her name and she requested whoever had her name to talk to me, and she'd give me a crochet project to do. so i made her some boot cuffs.
you wear them under your boots to give the IMPRESSION that you're wearing socks. it's a brilliant idea. and i had never heard or seen of them before. they weren't too tricky to make. and she loved them. so i was super glad!

Christmas morning we all slept in. the kids slept until 10AM! we then headed to shaun's grandparents for lunch. and then spent the rest of the day at his mom's house. 

the kids on Christmas

we truly had a blessed Christmas. the kids got a lot of great gifts. and a lot of gifts to be used for school! woo hoo. :) 

and like that. it's over. i spent this morning getting our house in some sort of order. i have to go through the kid's stuff an organize it all. and of course. need to start labeling my stuff! woo hoo. 

i pray you all had a great Christmas!!

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