i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a little homeschooling fun.

i'm sure it is news to NO ONE that we homeschool. and that i love it. and that i could not imagine doing anything else!

i'll also tell you, i have my doubts on my abilities. i wonder if i *am* doing the right thing. sometimes i compare myself to others, and really feel like i suck. then i pray that God would provide me again with the confidence i need. He gives it to me. lets me know that A LOT of people feel the same way. and that it's lies. that i'm doing EXACTLY what HE wants me to be doing. that my children are my ministry. so i pull up my big granny girl panties, and get with it. :)

here's a current adventure in homeschooling...

this week we started learning about ancient greece. we're loving learning about greece. today we did a art project. i had the kids look at a "fresco" painting and then draw it themselves. 

here's the "original"

 they did such a fantastic job!! art is a hard thing for me to do/teach. i'm not all artsy fartsy. i'm more crafty. if that makes sense at all. they all did great.

AND go look at dustin's...see HIS NAME!! that is the first time he's written it!! so proud of him. i haven't tried a lot before to get him to write it, but thought i would today. i was so excited!!!! seriously.

and then. that's when it hits me. each time one of my kids does something for the first time.... I AM THERE! I helped them get there. and all those crazy doubts go flying out the window and blow away with the snowstorm we're having today!

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mittelmommy said...

Praise God! I often times feel that "I suck or should just put them in public school" when I see all you are doing...but then God does something each time to remind me just why I am doing this! And do NOT let that discourage you from posting...honestly, I love when you do and love getting ideas!!! My point was even though I don't want you to feel you are not doing good enough, that it is good to not feel alone in it and how awesome God is in reminding us why He has us here! Ps- all the kids did great! And an extra great job to Dustin on his name!