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Friday, February 01, 2013

passing on the talent

shortly after i learned to crochet, i taught breigh how. i just taught her how to chain and single crochet. she picked up on it very well. and created her own sort of stitch. she does VERY well with it. so well in fact....she made a hat for her doll this past weekend! i helped her sew the eyes and mouth on, but she crocheted it all!

she loves to crochet. has her own set of hooks. her own yarn bag. her own yarn. and i think in a few years will pass me up!

speaking of what i'm working on...well we sort of were...
i wasn't sure if i already shared this picture. if i did...SORRY! but it's head wrap. i love the pattern of it. :)

i also added two animals to my repertoire.

a hippo. 
 and a raccoon.

i have a few projects that i'm working on right now. 
a spiderman and batman hat.
a sulley and mike hat from monsters inc.
and a different version of an owl hat.
an adult newsboy hat.
and some dish cloths.
and another head wrap.

i've slowed down on my amount of crocheting i'm getting done in a week, you know...things like housework, school, kids, being a wife, etc have to come first. :) but crocheting is a huge relaxer for me. so i get it done after the kids go to bed and shaun passes out on the couch after a long day of work. so i crochet. he snores. and we all of a sudden turn into an old married couple. ;) lol. totally kidding...sort of.

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