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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

8 years old.

my amelya.

eight. 8. EIGHT?!?!?! years old. how is it possible? it seems like yesterday i was holding you in my arms for the very first time...

you've changed our world since you came in at all NINE POUNDS FOUR OUNCES!

i still remember the flutter of my heart when the pediatrician said, "i looked at your daughter..."

we had a daughter. God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. 

you've grown up so beautifully.

it's hard to remember life before you came into ours.

 you are a little piece of heaven on earth.
your love for your babies...carried well over to your siblings.
your love for adventure has tamed a bit...but you still love to jump around and fit into crazy places.
your love for oscar has grown...as well as your love for all animals. and you talk about being a vet when you grow up. (but only for small dogs and horses!)
you have always been willing to "pose". 
and your smile still melts my heart.
you love nature. and all things to do with it. your exploration of God's world blesses me.
you wanted your hair cut short...and now think you're going to grow it long again.
you're good at making anyone smile!
the expressions are endless.
never lose your love for reading.
and learning.
and exploring.
your lost tooth..made me realize...you're going to grow up.
but...as you grow up...keep the joy of the Lord close.
be blessed by the adventures He gives you.
take some time for yourself.
always find time to be crazy.
keep on working hard.
and keep hold of the things that have grown you and shaped you.

just looking at this blog post, make me realize what a beautiful girl you've grown into. and i know that as long as God gives me time with you, i'll be blessed to see you grow into a beautiful young woman. 

keep after God's own heart. trust in Him and Him alone.

i love you. 

more than you'll ever know.

and yet, less than what God loves you.

seek Him. seek His will for your life.

He will not steer you wrong.

i love you, amelya francis.

always and forever

your momma.

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-stephanie- said...

Happy 8th Birthday Amelya from Abby. I love your AG doll! :o)