i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

crocheting along.

it's been a few posts since i've shared some crochet projects. :) so if you're sick of the crochet talk...stop reading!

i'm not sure if i ever shared my business card logo i made up. but when i ordered it, i also ordered some stickers. so when i have local orders, i can put the sticker on the bag. all local orders come in pink bags. because i love pink. ;)

i don't *think* i've shared this head wrap. i did a giveaway on my facebook page a little while back. and the winner choose this. the head wrap is so cute, and i think i may make one for myself.

i also made up a dish cloth set. the yarn worked up so beautiful. i love it. 

i always love to try new projects. this is a new owl i did. SO SWEET!!

mike & sulley from monster's inc. 

another fun new project. a cabbage patch doll inspired hat. don't mind my little evaleigh's TONGUE! ;)

first, IT IS A DOLL! a newborn baseball newsboy hat. :) i posted the picture on facebook and a few people thought it was a real baby...oops!

a spider-man inspired hat. the web was tricky, but i think it turned out alright.

and i have a bunch of projects on my order list. i feel SO blessed by this. each time i get caught up on my orders i go before the Lord and just pray for His will and if i should keep on with this little hobby. EACH time i've done this THAT VERY SAME DAY or THE NEXT DAY...i've gotten orders. more than one. EACH TIME! i just love when He answers prayers. it really just gives me my answer as to what i should be doing. 

i still am doing a little wildtree on the side, but this is starting to take "over" for that. i wasn't hardcore wildtree, so the money i made in a month with that (one party) is what i am pretty much doing with hats. so it's extra spending money...well yarn money. ;) lol. i don't think i'll "quit" at wildtree, but for this season of life it isn't my focus of business. 

i just feel SO blessed by the Lord for this talent He has given me. maybe i sound all weird or "cheesy" but it's so true. each time someone places an order my heart bursts with blessing and excitement. knowing that it all came from the Lord. my Father who loves me. 

2 loving words from you.:

Leanne said...

Those are awesome!!!
I have a question. Maybe you've done a post on this before already, but I am wondering the difference of 4-5 kids. We have 4, and right now we are really wrestling with wether to have another. I'd always waned 4 or 5 kids, but now we're worried that having five will make it impossible to afford vacations! We're trying to pay off a bunch of debt right now. We have enough income, and will be able to make a savings once debt is paid off. So money is an issue. We'd need another vehicle as well. Is it harder financially going to 5 kids. Also is it harder to go on outings and vacations? We love babies, but wondering if we can handle another in our already busy life. I am 33 and tarting to feel "old" compared to when I had my other kids.
I realize this is a personal choice, and we are praying about it, but I am wondering if you have any advice. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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