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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

vacation pictures and such.

i finally uploaded my pictures from vacation!

here is a link to the facebook album. you'll be able to see them even if you don't have facebook.

i uploaded over 200, and didn't feel like uploading them again.

we had such a great time on vacation. it was really hard to leave. and i had a hard time when we got home, adjusting to life back "home". but it's been over a month...and i can safely say that we've all gotten back in the groove of things.

we're working on school. this is the first year that i think we'll really school all year round. which, i'm actually really excited about. with some breaks that we took this year and things that came up...it works really well to just continue all summer. and really, it won't be every day. but just enough to keep on track with everything and to keep in the groove. it's really hard to get back in it when you've done nothing for a few months. i'm really excited to finish up our year one of tapestry of grace. we just all LOVE this curriculum. and i'm anxious to buy year two, SOON! :)

our house is looking FABULOUS!! they have to finish up a few things this week, so i'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished. AH! seriously, for the first time in almost 10 years of living here...i'm starting to LOVE my house. i've always liked it, but now that we're making it our own...i'm just loving it. :)

it's been nice getting outside to play, FINALLY! the kids have been sleeping like rocks the past few nights. they're just loving being able to run around and play and bike. and dig. and everything else. in fact, they helped dig a trench this weekend. :) we're burying our electric, and shaun was working on some of it, to save on cost for us, and the kids loved it. i'll leave you with a picture of them. :)

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Sarah Kopf said...

Your photos look great! It seems that a great time was had by all!