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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a little pregnancy update.

last monday i had my first official OB visit. even though i've already seen my doctor. ;)
((i also learned that our van ONLY fits on the first level of the parking ramp, not because i hit anything, but good thing they have those things telling you what the height limit is!))
it went well. and i was able to see another picture of the baby!! so i'll share that first. 
the baby is actually starting to LOOK like a baby. well, i can see it.

the appointment went well. everything is looking good. i've started to get progesterone shots instead of suppositories because of insurance reasons. THANKFULLY! i can go to town and get them twice a week instead of running a half hour away for a 2 minute shot.

i've been really exhausted and pretty much take a nap every day while the kids do rest time. i'm so thankful to have such fantastic kids that all rest during the day at the same time! :)

i feel sick a lot of the day. but the past few days i have had some "good spells". so that has been FABULOUS! today i am 9 weeks 4 days. so i keep praying that around 12 weeks i'll get some energy back and maybe not feel so sick.

my belly, well not my belly belly but my lower belly is starting to feel hard. i can't wait to look pregnant. instead of fat. because honestly...i hate looking fat. and my friends i have not even HIT the awkward is she pregnant or fat stage so i have a while before i'll actually LOOK pregnant instead of looking fat but maybe pregnant. i'm really struggling with my weight. i am at least 40 pounds heavier with this pregnancy than ANY of my others. in fact i'm at my ENDING weight of evaleigh's pregnancy. and i hate it. this weekend has been really hard for some reason. i know it's all my own doing, I MADE MYSELF this way. so then i get even more upset because of what I did TO myself. i have no excuse at all. and that just drives me crazy. blech. i don't want to seem like a debbie downer, and i don't need people telling me i "look good". because i KNOW that i don't. i look fat. i look like someone who decided she didn't care about herself all winter and if she weren't pregnant would need an entire new wardrobe because all of her clothes from last summer and the summer before are sized mediums. so my goal is to get on the treadmill, not to try and lose weight or anything, but to be "in shape" if that makes sense. and to hopefully curb the weight gain, because we all know i don't need to gain weight! my baby can just move "up" my belly and we'll be set, since i already look pregnant.  ((although, if i lose a few inches in these thunder-ish thighs...i will not be complaining!))

ANYWAYS. i set up all my appointments for this baby. it makes december seem like it's coming pretty soon! my nuchal scan in the 10th of june, they were able to guess with evaleigh at that u/s. so i'm hoping maybe for a guess of the gender at this one. :) my gender scan is the 31st of july. i would love to do a gender reveal party, but haven't really planned anything. i just think it'd be fun. :)

we're thinking of "f'" names a little bit. right now i like finley for a boy, and finleigh for a girl. i also sort of like franchessca for a girl, but i don't love it. f is by far the hardest letter. or i'm just too picky. either way, we're having a harder time with this letter. and i have NO ideas on a middle name. we usually pick someone to name the baby after, so we just have to decide that i guess and we'll be set.

i sometimes still can't believe we're having another baby!! ((then i look in the driveway and see our van...and remember! :) ))

2 loving words from you.:

Becky said...

I've been wondering what kind of "f" names you'd come up with - seems like a hard letter. All I thought of was "Fred" - lol! :)

Heather Fox said...

Y vote is for Frannie! Amos wanted to name Elizabeth that and I wouldn't allow it. The more the years go by, the more I love the name!