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Monday, May 20, 2013

big popp-a

well...i am pretty sure i already mentioned that we bought the van.

i picked it up last weekend with the girls. 

here's us with big popp-a. which we really don't call it that, but we decided...okay I decided...it neeed a name. ;)

it hasn't been too bad driving. and i actually really love it. i made my first stop to sam's club with it and i was able to get everything in without a problem. the only thing we were worried about was storage in the back, because we previously had a yukon xl with lots of back storage.

the van came with a back up camera, so that is AWESOME for backing up.

we also splurged for a dvd player to added. if we take any long road trips a dvd player is a must for us.

the kids all love it. and they're fighting less because of being spread out! win. win!!

the only issue we're having...is a dumb bird that continues to build a nest in the hood!! any tips on getting that to stop are welcome!!

this past weekend a friend came over to give me  my birthday present, she helped (did most ALL of the work, actually!) dig up weeds and plant a whole bunch of new flowers. one of my most favorite gifts, ever! after we were done we drove to town and had dinner together. we drove our big ole vans together. and asked for a table for 12. with 10 kids and 2 adults! it was fantastic!!

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

So fun! We got our big van as well, and I thought it was so funny--after we picked it up my hubby said, "well, what are we going to name it?" We named it the Jellybean! The kids LOVE the Jellybean, and it is surprisingly easy to maneuver considering its size. I've parked it in crowded parking lots and been able to get it out of spots without trouble! Ours doesn't have any fancy trimmings, but it was cheap! :-)