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Thursday, May 09, 2013


i'm so excited to share the changes we made to our house!! it's been literally TEN years in waiting, BUT God has provided...in HIS perfect timing the funds to make our house this way. and we feel SO blessed!

here is the before of the side of our house.

and after! changes you'll notice: the large window (to the right) is now two smaller windows. you can't see the third in the before picture, but that's not changed! we took out the two attic windows and made it one small octagon window. we also buried the electric, so no wires in the air and no pole up the side of the house!
the before of the front of our house.
 after. changes made: we made the size of the windows smaller and even though you really can't tell, the upstairs window on the right was moved over like 10 inches. basically for cosmetic reasons on the inside of our bedroom. :)
the west side of our house before.
after. changes: MOST IMPORTANT!! i have WEST SIDE FACING WINDOWS IN MY LIVING ROOM!! i've been wanting them FOREVER!! SO excited!! we also made the other window smaller. :)
here's the living room wall before. ((and after we moved everything for them to do the windows. ;) )
after!! we changed up the color because the orange wasn't cutting it with windows on it. :) 
more of the back/side of the house before.
after. changes: we made the windows smaller upstairs. 
side of the house before.
after. we took out the door, we've never used it. AND it's been sealed up for as long as i can remember. :) 
different view of the side of the house in the first picture
after, but not the same angle...OBVIOUSLY! ;)

and there YOU have it!! 

we love it.

really, really, really LOVE it.

we originally were going to go with a green color. but changed our mind at the last minute. i like the gray a lot and am really happy with it. we will probably add shutters at some point, just not in the budget right now. and of course, LOTS of landscaping to be done!  a dear friend wants to help me get organized and buy me some plants as my birthday present. i'm SO excited for that. ((i'm just hoping to have energy soon to do that!))

i'm also excited because we're getting our bathroom done soon! the same contractors are doing it, so i know we have NOTHING to worry about. they do a beautiful job. and the job site is CLEAN every single night! we were really impressed, and highly recommend Christel & Heiberger Builders.

other news...we bought a 12 passenger van today. a 12 passenger van. i can't believe it! we pick it up this weekend. :) now to think of a name for it! ;) 

2 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

Looks beautiful! What a huge difference! Congratulations. So happy for you and your family. Also, happy for you and your new van. We have managed (with six living children) to have an eight passenger van :)

Blessings to you and your family,

Sarah Kopf said...

That looks SO great! Yay for changes! And yay for more babies and 12 passenger vans and especially for God!!!!