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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

a belated birthday post.

oh miss evaleigh.

you turned THREE years old two days ago.

i apologize for not getting this done before, but for what it's worth i did have the pictures downloaded and ready. ;)

i can't believe you're three years old! it's crazy to think that three years ago you entered this world "sunny side up" and into our arms at 8lbs 13oz.

you've been our "baby" for longest...but i'm so excited to see you be a big sister. something i NEVER thought was going to happen.

you love baby dolls. and soothing them. and cuddling them. pushing them around in strollers when you play "house" with your brother and sisters.

you love to explore the world around you. and i love to see you discover new things.

you love to be cuddled...even still at three. and that makes me SO happy.

you're our first little thumb sucker...and while it may be harder to break you of that...i secretly think it's sweet watching you suck your thumb.

you love to create. and you have lots of silly faces to share with us!!

when you pray each night before bed...i just love listening to you. that your little heart already is talking to our God and Father. that you know you can talk to Him.

i pray that you seek Him each day of your life. and that you know how much He loves you and wants you to serve Him. because THAT is what we've been created for.

happy birthday (a few days late) my little THREE year old!!

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-stephanie- said...

NO WAY! Wow that went by waaay too fast.
What a sweetie.

Happy 3 to Evaleigh.