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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

all over the place.

life has been SO busy lately. but a really good busy. :)

when life gets busy...i let this blog go. and it's okay. BUT since there are probably 5 of you out there that still read this thing. i thought i'd just post a random update post.

i'm 16 weeks pregnant already! how in the world did THAT happen. wait. i KNOW how it happened. i just want to know how time has flown so fast. i've taken one belly picture so far. at 13 weeks 5 days. here it is.

i'll admit, some of it is/was probably a bit of belly left over from being not so thin after having the others. BUT some of it was baby. and now at 16 weeks 4 days...i feel like i "look" pregnant. not fat. or maybe i'm just fooling myself! ha!!

my weight has been staying pretty stable. i've gained about 4 pounds so far. not that i had four pounds TO gain. but i'm glad it's not a huge number. i'm really trying to watch what i'm eating and have been exercising as much as i can. i LOVE our treadmill. 

i've been feeling the baby flutter around in there. it's amazing. and i'm waiting a little patiently for the "big" movements. feeling the baby move is my most favorite part of being pregnant.

we find out on july 31st what this baby is. i think that it's a boy. i'm really hoping it is. only because i'd love a brother for dustin. BUT we'll take another little girl. we've been having some fun talking about names lately, but haven't really settled on anything. in the running for boys: finley & fallon  and for girls: i also like fallon for a girl. finleigh is sort of in the running, but probably not. mainly because i think two girls with -eigh in their name is enough. i also LOVE francessca. but am not sure fully. and felicity is on the list. but again, not sure. so having a boy would make our life easier in the name aspect! ;)

we're almost finished with our core curriculum for school. YES! i've been schooling in summer. we've only been doing three days a week. with one really heavy day and two lighter days. actually, i think we'll keep this routine. i LOVE keeping a routine and the kids have been enjoying it as well. plus school really doesn't take that long. 

amelya got her first diary with a key the other week. that makes me really realize how old she's getting. and that it's okay for her to want privacy. but of course, i let her know that we can always talk. i want to have an open and close relationship with my kids. so then when something comes up they'll feel comfortable talking to me. 

breigh lost her top tooth a few weeks ago. she is a go getter. it was loose one day. out the next. love it!

caitlyn has grown by leaps and bounds the past few weeks. she's really turning into more of a little girl. i don't know how to explain it other than that. i love watching it though.

dustin is excited about turning five in october. he talks about it quite a bit. i can't believe he's going to be five already!!

evaleigh just turned three. that means i need to think about starting to potty train her. i'm sure she'll be great at it. i just need ambition to do it. then we'll be out of diapers for a few months. 

we're planning our VBS at church in a few weeks. i'm so excited for it. 

i have like three or four "serious" posts running through my head. you know, ones with a point. but have had no time to get them out. maybe soon. 

i hope you're all having a nice summer!! we've been having a blast just hanging out and being a family.

2 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

Love the adorable baby belly! So excited for you!

The fun of picking out names :)

Blessings to your family.
With Hope,

The Mama said...

I can't wait to find out what number six will be!!