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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pink or blue to our crew!!


first off, i can't believe i'm almost 20 weeks. today is 19weeks 5days. WOW!!

and today is the day we get to see what this question mark will be...
we're adding pink or blue to our crew.

and i am MORE than excited to see what this baby is!! i really don't even know what more than excited is...thrilled? ecstatic? at any rate...i'm ALL of those things!!

we're also doing a gender reveal. since this could "potentially be our last baby" ((this is my new phrase, since CLEARLY we're done (after caitlyn, dustin, and evaleigh) was a lie. so now i'm not lying at all. ;) ))
this could "potentially" be our last chance to do a gender reveal, which weren't even really heard of with the other kids. so i wanted to do one!

we're having the ultrasound tech right down the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope. then i'm going to carry the envelope around ALLLLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAAAAY. until after church.

my friend amber is setting up the reveal for us. the reveal was actually an idea from my other friend, chantae. ((i LOVE my friends!!))

here's the "reveal" idea...so we'll have 1 pink balloon and 1 blue balloon. then amber will cut/poke a hole in the balloon that the baby ISN'T. then shaun and i will each take one of the balloons and then blow them up. and whichever one blows up...is (obviously) what the baby is! isn't that the most FUN idea?! well, even if you don't think so, i really loved it. it's different from any of the reveals i've seen. and really super simple to do.

AHHHH!! i seriously can't believe it's today! like TODAY. in a little more than 12 hours we'll know if we're having a boy or girl!!

i'll be sure to not go weeks between posts this time! :)

3 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

I am so excited for you! Please tell us asap! We can't wait!

Leanne said...

How exciting!! Love the reveal idea! I'll be checking back constantly! :)

Cheryl said...

You're killing me! lol