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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the reveal.


i'll be honest. i wasn't sure if i was going to get on here tonight to post. :) BUT shaun had to run to town to buy a shower curtain. ((our bathroom is being remodeled this week!!!! and we are going with a shower door in the end...but to get us through to the end, we're putting up a shower curtain. because i'm sure that's what you wanted to know!))

ANYWAYS! on with it. right?!

the ultrasound went really well. my mom actually came along. she works "swing shift" work and wasn't going to be able to make it to the reveal so we invited her along. and i had the tech write down the gender for my mom and gave her an envelope with the results. i'm sure she made it as far as the elevator before she opened it!! the tech gave me another envelope with the results and i carried it around all day with me. and honestly, wasn't tempted to look at it.

we had this super cute picture of the baby to carry with us.

it was so weird to look at this picture knowing that my mom KNEW what the gender was. i just had to guess. is it my son? or my daughter? at any rate...it's clearly a "popp kid". i see a resemblance to it's siblings for sure.

after the ultrasound and seeing my doctor. we did lunch. then went to a shoe store near the children's museum that we were really going to. and shaun let me get a pair of  "pregnancy" shoes. honestly, i haven't bought a pair my last few pregnancies since they were summer babies. so i could just wear flip flops. but since this isn't a summer baby. i wanted...needed...whatever-ed a pair. i wasn't planning on getting any today. but i fell in love with some. and bought them.


church went super well. i was able to concentrate through all of it. :) and honestly, was getting really nervous after church was over. i really don't care to be the center of attention, TRUE STORY! so i think i was just nervous about people staring at us. lol. we're doing a work day at church this weekend, so shaun was helping with taking some stuff down, moving stuff, etc. until all the ladies got impatient with him. i love my husband's servant's heart...even if it meant waiting to find out.

it was really cool to see everyone at church so excited about the baby. it really meant a lot to us that shaun's sister drove a half hour to come see the reveal, too. my sister attends our church, so she was there. and my mom was there in spirit at work. :)

so...the reveal pictures...because really...all of this other stuff has been filler. did you read this first? or did you scroll down to see the end? come on, now...be honest? ;)

blowing up the balloons...
 one of them has a hole in it? who's is it?!? i think i hear something. is it mine? or is it his?
 it was....
 MINE!! i heard a noise. then i said...OH IT'S MINE LEAKING!!! it's a BOY!! :)
ps. notice those rocking new shoes? ;)
Dustin was SO excited to be having a brother. his words were...you're tidding me. because he doesn't say his "k" sound quite right yet! he clapped his hands and smiled huge!!

so...THIS...is our SON!!
honestly? my prayer has been...even BEFORE we were pregnant for a brother for dustin. i know that God doesn't always answer our prayers how WE want them to be answered, but according to His plan. and i'm SO glad it was in His plan to give us a change of heart, to be open to having another baby. to give us a brother for dustin. i still can't believe i'm going to have another baby...and now i know it's a boy.

now. to think of names...

thank you for all of your excitement today. :) it blessed us a lot to have those comments and posts. and to have the people there with us that truly wanted to be and cared to be there with us. honestly, THAT meant more than the actual reveal. the reveal was fun...but the love that was shown to us by our family, because really...it's our family that was there with us tonight, not just our "church" was SUCH a blessing. and i'm not even sure how many of you read this or know this exists, lol,  that are a part of that family, but nonetheless...we love you guys and are SO thankful to have found such a great home with all of you. :)

5 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

YAY! Very excited for you two and your new son! God is blessing your family big time. Congratulations.

Cheryl said...

thrilled for you all!!!!!!!!!!! :) Happy day!!!


Leanne said...

I patiently read everything to get to the bottom. How exciting!!!!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I was very patient as I read all the way through to the pictures...yay!! I know you are all very excited!

Today we were at the park and there were a couple pregnant moms there (too early to know what they are having yet), and I mentioned your gender reveal idea to them. We said you are due for another boy, a brother for Dustin (but I didn't know yet what you were having because I didn't check this morning). I said when I was pregnant, everyone else I knew who was pregnant was having a girl, and now all the people I know who are pregnant are having boys! Still holds true so far--too funny!

Heather Fox said...

Congrats!!! Finn! Or Finley!