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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

lots of new happenings.

it's been a whirlwind few weeks...with no end in sight...at least until october.

the week after VBS they started our bathroom. we had our ultrasound. we stayed out of the house as much as possible when the workers were here. that weekend we had a workday at church. my mom's work picnic at a baseball game. our church had a baptism. and we painted our bathroom and hallway that weekend. last week they also worked on our bathroom a few days. we went to the zoo. shaun worked last weekend. we had a family reunion. then they're finishing bathroom/entryway this week. AND tomorrow. i'm taking the kids to tennessee. by myself. driving.

crazy!! huh? but i'm SO excited to see my friend again. and since we bought a new GPS that tells you which lane to be in, i'm a little more confident in driving through chicago. but i'd appreciate prayers for driving through there. i've never driven out of the state before. EVER. and now i'm going 12 hours. lol.

a few days after we get home i have my cousin's wedding shower. i'm in charge of games. but i'm keeping it simple and only doing a few. it makes it easier. and really...people aren't there to play games. i bought all the door prizes already, so i'm pretty much set.

then the next weekend is labor day. the weekend after that is our church's men's retreat. then the weekend after that shaun works. then it's the wedding. then shaun works. then...it's OCTOBER. whew!!

oh, and this week? my sister had her baby! :)

 miss maycee was born on monday. and she looks mighty adorable in the hat i made for her. :) if you want to see the head full of hair UNDER that hat...here are some pictures i took.

and if you want to see the progress so far on our bathroom...here are some pictures of that. they just have to come and finish the baseboards today. AHHH!! i'm so excited!!

and today...i'm 21 weeks 5 days pregnant. WOW! the next few weeks will fly by and pretty soon i'll be in the third trimester and then blogging about our son's birth!!

speaking of our son...he has no name. that's driving me crazy. i have one that i really like. shaun doesn't. but on the other hand...he doesn't like ANY that i tell him. well he does like one...FLASH. our friend suggested a middle name...BANG. his name would then be...FLASH BANG POPP!! as much awesomeness as there is to it...our son will not be flash bang popp. ((now if we lived in a cartoon world...TOTALLY! would be!))
in shaun's words, "we have plenty of time." which is true. but i just want a name!! lol. i'm sure it'll come to us. it has to, right?

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