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Saturday, August 24, 2013

our trip in facebook picture posts. :)

we DID IT!! 
we successfully made it to tennessee (and home!) and had a blast.
i haven't had time to load my pictures on to my computer, so here are the ones i had on facebook.

the kids enjoyed the play set AS SOON AS we got out of the van! it was like no time had passed.

we were invited to a splash pad. and a splash pad is what we did.
well for about 10 minutes, until they had to close it for cleaning because someone had an accident!

on the way home we stopped in kentucky. we went to the mall. and the "child's treat" in the quizno's meals was a carousel ticket! woo hoo!!

in indiana we tried a steak'n shake restaurant. it was yummy and the kids liked the little hats they got.

i had not originally planned to stay at my aunt and uncle's house. but they invited us to stay the night. ((i was just going to stop over for a visit.)) it was awesome. they have a pool and the kids loved to go swimming.

we also did a children's museum. the zoo. cracker barrell...twice. chick fil a...three times. visited a friend who just moved to kentucky and let the kids play together. and created more memories with our dear friends who moved to tenessee.  it was a fabulous trip. i feel so blessed!!

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Emily said...

What part of TN did you visit? I live in East TN, about 1 hour north east of Knoxville.