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Thursday, November 14, 2013

random list post

if you're on facebook you may have seen the "random post" of a certain number of items. i'm ALL about random. so i decided to just make it a blog post instead of a facebook post. ((mainly because it leaves me  more room to ramble.))

1. i'm random. hence why i love these sorts of things. i love finding quirky little things out about people.

2. i love watching numbers change on the clock. like from :59 to the hour. OR when all the numbers are the same on the clock. i also love watching the odometer change in the car. i was very sad this week when i missed our van change over to 25,000 miles.

3. i have a lot of irrational fears. one being that every time we get close to our house i fear that there will be fire trucks there and our house will be burning down. i also fear every time we drive over a bridge we will get in an accident and end up drowning. i have plans in my head as to what i'll do if that happens.

4. i've seen every episode of full house and the brady bunch. and alias. and probably saved by the bell ((except the stupid jr high episodes)) i also LOVED watching tv movies growing up. my favorites were switched at birth and camp cucamonga. ((oh yeah!)) ;)

5. i'm shaun's first and only girlfriend and kiss. i wish that i could say that he's my first and only boyfriend/kiss. but i'm thankful to have waited for marriage for the "other thing." and that he's my first and only for that. ((which may be PART of the reason we had a short engagement. ;) ))

6. growing up i wanted to be a: model. archeologist. architect. special education teacher.

7. now when i grow up i'd love to be a: professional organizer (no joke!) or a lactation consultant or something of the sort.

8. i do not enjoy cleaning at all. but i truly LOVE to organize. and would help anyone who wanted me to. ((except probably for a hoarder...i do not do mice well.))

9. i have a hard time only using one ! or (. you have NO idea how hard that was to type!! i also use :) too much.

10. i miss playing tennis like crazy. some day i'll get back on the court. and i'll probably really suck. but it'll be fun.

11. i cannot do a cartwheel. i'm afraid to "fall" to do one.

12.  i do not do heights well. or really at all.

13. i will only eat pretzels if they are covered in white chocolate. or soft and i can dip it in cheese.

14. i hate the term "best friend." i have no idea why one friend should be "best" and the others not. on that note i'm SO thankful for the dear friends i have. and the relationships i have with each one of them. BUT none of them are 'better' or 'bester' than the other.

15. my love language is quality time. i also love when people take the time to plan something special for me that they thought of. on that note i don't like giving out birthday and christmas lists because of that reason.

16. i wish i could drink coffee. i've tried. i've failed.

17. but i love tea. chai tea. salted caramel chai tea. or salted caramel hot chocolate.

18. i learned how to crochet two years ago. and am so thankful that i did. and for the friend that took the time to show me.

19. if someone would've told me that i was going to have 6 kids. i would've laughed. each time i say i'm on my 9th pregnancy i sit in shock.

20. i have a heart for special needs people and can't wait to use that someday.

21. we never "decided" to homeschool. it was just something that we knew we were going to do.

22. i didn't love math until college. and wish i would've loved it sooner. it's my favorite subject to teach the kids.

23. i went to college one year. and i feel weird saying "when i was in college" to people because i feel like it represents that i graduated college.

24. i have no regrets that i didn't finish college.

25. i'm thankful for the 4 years i had at the daycare before having kids. i'm positive it helped me out in my parenting and being able to take care of our babies.

26. i really had the thought of "no one is coming to pick her up at the end of the day. she's ours." when we left the hospital with amelya.

27. i look forward to the day that i can be a mentor to someone. and i'm thankful for the older woman who is willing to do that for me.

28. i fear losing shaun at an early age. i have determined that i will die one breath before him so i never have to live without him. when we're old and gray and still holding hands while walking down the street.

29. i wish i could play the piano. my grandma always told me i had piano playing fingers. but i do know how to play the flute. it's been awhile. but i love it.

30. shaun and i started dating when i was 16 and he was 18. it feels like ages ago. we'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage and 14 1/2 years of being "together" next week. we got married on our 4 1/2 year anniversary, not because we planned it, but because it was a date the church had available. and i didn't want to wait until january to get married.

31. i will only use an odd number of paper towels. and really dislike the automatic dispenser ones because i can't "count" as easily/as fast the number of paper towels.

32. i will only enter even numbers on the microwave when warming things up. BUT never on a 0. it will be either 2 or 8.

33. i take every opportunity to check out my husband. :) and totally deny it when he catches me.

34. i never dreamed about being a homeschooling stay at home mommy. but wouldn't trade it for anything else.

35. i wish i was bolder in my faith, and have been looking and taking more opportunities to do that.

36. i'm thankful for the opportunity to help with our children's ministry at our church. and thankful for our church and the family that they are to us.

37. i never intended on being this long winded!! :)

38. i can't decide to end on an even or an odd number, and it's driving me crazy!!

clearly i've decided. i'm stopping now. before your eyes bleed from boredom!!

2 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

I'm with you on #2. My favorites...11:11 and 12:34.

Fun list. Enjoy your weekend...and your husband. ;-)

Sara Dana said...

I never have bleeding eyeballs, because i LOVE random facts. Now you need to start watching all episodes of Cupcake Wars. That is good watching'