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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

plugging away

clearly my blog is not at any top of a priority list lately. it's funny how life changes. there was a time that i'd blog before i'd do a lot of other things. now i *think* about blogging...and then end up doing the stuff that i SHOULD be doing. :)

i'm 34 weeks pregnant this week!! 34 weeks. can you believe it?! i seriously can't. here's a picture from the other week (32 weeks) that i took. it was on a day where i actually felt pretty...those days don't happen very often (pregnant or not) so it was really nice to feel beautiful. you know? actually there have been a few times this pregnancy on days that i wasn't feeling so beautiful...random people told me i was beautiful. like the worker at the gymboree store. my chiropractor. and my kids dance teacher. people who really have nothing to gain by telling me that. so i believed them. ;) i really truly have a hard time thinking of myself as 'beautiful', but God is working on me.

i'm feeling pretty good-pregnancy wise. i've been having some major pelvic pain at night. each time i need to roll over or move (in bed) i want to scream. in fact, i have a few times. it's one pregnancy thing that i haven't experienced before. other than that...i have nothing to 'complain' about. and really i'm not complaining about the pain at all...it's just how i'm feeling...sore at night! this week a very dear friend of mine experienced a miscarriage. it has made me more emotional than i already am. i stare at my belly and feel my little man moving around and cry. i cry because of the chance that she lost. it is just a hard thing to deal with, maybe because i also relive each one of our losses each time i hear about someone who is experiencing their own. i KNOW for a fact that God remains God and on the throne, but sometimes it feels good to just cry about things that He does allow. it also makes me so very thankful that i've been given this chance to carry this little guy in my womb. this morning i watched my belly rhythmically bounce up and down  as he had the hiccups and i just stared in awe. it was actually the first time he's gotten the hiccups, so it was a fun milestone, too! being pregnant is so amazing to me. i've been given a chance 6 times to carry a baby this far and i'm so thankful. 3 other times i was given a chance to know my babies for a really short time...but yet the huge impact they have had on my life...i'm so thankful for. 

we've set the "date" for the baby. it's coming up so fast. i haven't decided if i'm sharing it with the world yet. there are a few people who know. i sort of wish that some circumstances would be different that i could just go into labor, but with the medical stuff i have going on (with the needing of the MRI) i just feel more comfortable having a set "plan". and OF COURSE! this little guy could still change up those plans. and the date is set for a healthy time before my due date and nothing crazy early, so i really feel fine doing it. plus i've been induced and have had 5 wonderful experiences with it before, so i'm not worried. actually, if we're being honest...i love labor. it hurts and whatever. but i just love the whole experience. plus just experiencing the whole thing with my husband is so amazing. 

ANYWAYS. speaking of my husband. and being amazing. we got to stand up in a wedding in september. his cousin married my cousin. so we got to stand up together. and i just ADORE the pictures from the day...
 i actually "suggested" couples pictures of the wedding party...but really...i just wanted a nice professional picture of my husband and i! :) and i also asked one of the photographers for a family photo...
there aren't many chance we're all dressed up to the nines. so i wanted documentation of it!

plus it's been a LOOOONG time since i've seen my husband in a tux! he's handsome without it, but i must say my heart was fluttering a bit more all day that day each time i looked at him. in fact my sister made fun of us at the wedding after we were standing in front for the ceremony for making eyes at each other. :) i LOVE that we still "make eyes" at each other. i guess we're usually not caught at it, though. but each time we're somewhere i always find him looking at me and making eyes. and it makes my heart swell even more so. good gracious. i love that man! 

so. yeah. we've been just plugging away at life. these are just a few of the things we've done.
gone to a goat farm. women's luncheon at church. harvest party at church. co-op and a field trip a month. dance class each friday. school. organizing baby boy clothes. trying to figure out a NAME for this little boy. organizing the attic. keeping up on laundry. took some maternity pictures for a friend. cake smash pictures for a friend. crocheting like crazy. shaun's working like crazy. starting to plan the children's church christmas program. organizing ideas for the women's retreat. and of course all of the other life stuff!

2 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

You are beautiful!!!

Those family pics are great! What a beautiful family. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Just the 3 of us said...

Oh my word, you're so cute!!!! Love the section about you guys making eyes at each other. :)

You looked BEAUTIFUL in the wedding! But in all the pictures I've seen of you, you are always beautiful!
I have a hard time believing it when ppl tell me that too. Too many bad memories of growing up hearing the opposite, hard to mend those...