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Monday, December 16, 2013

introducing baby f...and his birth story

we had our baby f!! who isn't quite so nameless anymore. :)

we're so excited to introduce to you...

Fletcher Peter
born Thursday December 12th at 2:18pm
8lbs 9oz
21 1/4 inches

this is me the morning of my induction. and fletcher shortly after birth. 
his birth time being at 2:18 was perfect...because he was always really active during this time of the day in the womb. so we got to see his eyes A LOT right away. :) 

of course, he also need one of his momma's hats on his head!!

now...do you want to know the story behind his birth? 
if not. 
quit reading now. 
just scan through until you get to more pictures. :)

my scheduled induction was for the 12th. i honestly wasn't so sure i was going to make it until then. i was feeling a lot of pressure and braxton hicks contractions were more and more frequent. i kept praying that my water would break *if* i was going to go into labor on my own. then i would for sure KNOW! 

we checked in at the hospital around 830 on thursday morning. 
my doctor caught us in the hall and said that she was running behind in surgery. so the resident doctor would get the induction started and she'd check on me between her next surgeries around 11 and probably break my water at that point.

the resident was fantastic. well except that he was a man. i've never had a man "check" me before. man hands are much bigger than girl hands. (nothing more needs to be said!) ;) he really was fantastic though, and i'm thankful for a really easy going guy. 

he checked me and i was at 4cm!! woo hoo. my body was already almost half done. the baby was still at -2 but i was pretty thin and soft. 

he then used the cytotec to hopefully start things. and off we were.

the whole morning seemed unreal to me. we had waited for this morning for so long, yet it was not real. but in shaun's words "it's about to GET real!" 

contractions started not too long after the cytotec. which i'm really thankful for. it was working! by 1030 i was feeling regular contractions. but could easily talk through them and enjoyed watching the price is right. 

while the nurse was in our room she asked about a name. we told her we were still undecided. but the three that were on our "list" were: Fletcher (my top) Finnick & Fuller (shaun's tops) 
she polled the other nurses at the nurses station and later informed us that Fletcher was winning. (woo hoo!) 
we didn't talk much about the name during the labor. i guess we maybe just would "know" what we were to name him. and i didn't want shaun to feel pressured by his laboring wife into a name that she wanted. lol.

my doctor came to check on us at around 1100. i was on the birthing ball. just chilling. i LOVED just sitting on it and rocking. it helped the contractions and it just felt good on my pelvis and hips. 

when she heard that i was already a 4 that morning she decided to wait to break my water. she wasn't sure how fast things would go after it was broke, and didn't want to be in the middle of surgery if something happened. i was fine with it. she said she probably be back sometime around 1-130. 

i sat on the birthing ball. talked with shaun. enjoyed some cable. we don't have cable, so we enjoy watching shows that we can't at home. i believe a marathon of international house hunters was on. by 1 the contractions were getting closer together. they weren't really hurting that badly, but were getting closer and feeling different. 

i decided to get back on the birthing ball. we raised the bed up and i straddled the ball and leaned on the bed. and listened to the house hunters show. i remember trying to listen to it through a contraction and was more worried about what house the couple picked and got mad when i couldn't pay attention to it. lol. 

during this time shaun and i talked about the contractions. i said they were hurting. but i didn't think bad enough for pain meds. but maybe i should just get an epidural. i've never had one. but maybe i should just try it. but i've had five kids without one. i didn't need one. but i didn't have anything to prove to anyone. no. i don't need an epidural. **this is the conversation i had with shaun, or more so aloud with myself.**

my doctor came in around 145 to break my water. she noticed my demeanor had changed, but i still could talk through the contractions. but even the nurse said how they were coming closer together (it's amazing to me how she knew this when i wasn't even being monitored!)

so i stood up to get into the bed.





MY WATER BROKE! on IT'S OWN!! all on the floor. 

i thought maybe i peed myself. i said i don't THINK i did. but maybe i did? then i stepped a step and said. no. that's my water!

it was the first time i've ever had my water break on it's own! i am so thankful to have that experience. 

so i went to the bathroom after reassuring the doctor i did not feel any urge to push. then hopped into bed.

she checked me. and i was a 6, baby was still and -2. she said, i'd give you an hour or so.

she left.

my nurse left to use the bathroom, or we'd have MORE issues on the floor. (her words. :) )

the next contraction came.

something was different. i said. something's different. something's different. i don't think i have to push. something's different. 

someone got my nurse.

in the  mean time another "different" contraction came soon after the first.

my nurse cam in and checked me right away.

i was still a 6. but baby's head was coming down.

another contraction came on strong. 

i couldn't get calm and relax.

i was starting to get worked up. i asked if pain meds would make a difference. 
my nurse said, if i wanted them i could. 
i said. get me something.

she got the stuff for an iv.

she tried. one. two. three. times to get the iv in.

it'd go in. and then it wasn't.

she kept apologizing.

i kept saying how i needed to relax. i needed to calm down. i can't calm down.

my nurse would then go: AMANDA!! in through your nose. out through your mouth. and that worked. it calmed me down and i could get refocused. until the next contraction seconds later. 

the nurse got another nurse to start an iv in my other hand. i was praying i could calm down. my lip was twitching and shaking like crazy and i was so upset by that. i remember at one point looking at shaun with tears in my eyes saying "my lip. my lip. it won't stop." the look in his eyes as he gently placed his finger on my lip and said "it's okay. your body is going through a lot right now. you're doing a good job." has me bawling as i type this. i will never forget the gentleness of him and the look of compassion in his eyes as he knew how much it bugged me to have that happening.

okay. back to the story...

so the other nurse got the iv in. i just said, give me something. i just need something. i couldn't stay calm. ((insert my nurse saying my name and telling me to breathe about a bajillion times))

as i said, can i just have something...my nurse checked me. the look on her face and the shake of her head was answer enough for me. nope. nothing. i could have nothing.

she said, amanda. his head his right here.

at some point the my doctor appeared in the room. and seconds after i said i just need something...i said. 
he's coming. he's coming. i just need to get this kid out of me.

my doctor had me push. i tried to hold my legs back. i don't even remember if anyone had my legs back. i pushed...

...and i knew. 

i just KNEW it.

i was pooping too.

and i said it.

with my push i said.


i don't even remember the pain of the pushing. all i remember is how i could KNOW i was pooping. and i was so embarrassed. 

my doctor said. his head's right here.
that brought me to reality. i needed to push again.
i pushed a push.
and there he was.

and then.
you see that photo. 
picture it being amniotic fluid.
hitting my doctor straight in the face.
and then flowing down her shirt.
soaking her.
while i'm saying. "oh my word. i'm so sorry! oh my word!!"
picture my doctor laughing and spitting out the said fluid.
and then saying how it was a first for her. 
not in the face, but for it to soak down her shirt.
((i have never seen so much bodily fluid leave someone's body like that in my life! and probably never will again!))

the nurses were laughing.
i was laughing.
and crying.
because at the same moment. 
they laid my little boy on my belly.
our son.
they asked his name. 
i looked at shaun.
he nodded at me.
and said. 
it's fletcher.

born at 218.
about 28 minutes after my water broke.
the most INTENSE 28 minutes of my life. 
i'm thankful now that God didn't answer my prayer about my water breaking at home!
i'm so thankful my doctor discerned to not break my water before her next surgery.

because mr. fletcher decided to live up to his in utero nickname "FLASH!"

i look at this little face and think back to a year ago...when God placed it in my head and heart about being open to having another baby. and i KNOW without a doubt, God knows what He is doing. because how in the world did we NOT know that THIS was missing from our family.

we're all in love.
((it's tradition that shaun goes and buys the going home outfit after the birth. he did a great job, yet again!))

and in the time it's taken me to write this...mr. fletcher wants to eat. 
so it's perfect time to end this little birth story.
but not before one sweet little feet picture...

6 loving words from you.:

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're amazing. I had one baby with pain meds. So happy for your family but especially Dustin. The other day when I was getting caught up on your blog and you had mentioned the 5 that read it. I thought I have to comment after she has her boy. Don't stay on the computer as much as I now have twins grand girls. I believe I have commented years ago. Congrat!

Lynn of Tn

-stephanie- said...

Sooo excited for you and your family. Like his name a lot!
I am teary, and laughing all at the same time. What a great birth story.
What a fun Christmas. Congratulations!

Kristin said...

I love birthday stories and yours is a great one. :-) I'm always amazed at how God orchestrates each labor for each mother/baby. A woman's body is amazing which is proof of an amazing God! Congrats and merry Christmas to all of you.

Cheryl said...

Blessings abound! What a beautiful baby boy and family! Congratulations all around!

The Caldwells said...

One of the best birth stories I have ever read. I laughed and cried all the way through. Thanks for sharing and congrats!!!

"B" said...

Congratulations! Such a fun sweet story. and of course a beautiful baby BOY.