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Monday, December 09, 2013

random pregnancy facts

the "new" thing on facebook is random pregnancy facts. in celebration of the upcoming birth of mr. nameless baby f. i thought it would be fun to do a random pregnancy facts for ALL of my babies...hold on it'll be a long one. ;)

pregnancy 1- angel baby february 2004
* we successfully became pregnant on our honeymoon and were married exactly one month when we found out.
* the smell of salsa disgusted me and i couldn't eat broiled meat.
* when we went for our 12 week appt we found out through an ultrasound that the baby had died at around 6 weeks.
* we decided to have a D&C and i remember EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND of it. it is sounds that NO ONE should have to hear and endure and every time i hear certain sounds i'm reminded of this moment.
* even though we were unable to find out the sex, i believe it was a boy.
* through the ultrasound we also found a cyst on my ovary and i had to have it removed before we could try again. ((the trials of all of this within months of our marriage made our marriage a lot stronger.))

pregnancy 2- amelya francis
* everyone thought i was going to have this baby early. so i worked up until a week before my due date. and sat around for a week. i was induced 3 days AFTER my due date. because of this, my mom missed amelya's birth because of a planned trip to mexico.
* i worked at a daycare. in the infant room. during cold and flu season. up and down off the floor, wiping noses, washing hands and begging my sister to clean up puke because there was no way i was able to handle it!
* i had an inkling i was pregnant because poopy diapers at work made me gag.
* i gained 45 pounds.
* if she was a boy her name was going to be isac layne. and if she was a girl it was amelya francis. but we were going to call her mya. (me-a) except after she was born. i HATED the nickname. it drove me nuts and i never once called her by it. and to this day cannot picture her anything BUT amelya.
* i pushed for 3 hours. the doctor said that we were going to try the vacuum and if that didn't work we would have to do a c-section. that gave me the motivation to get the baby out.
* amelya was my largest baby at 9lbs 4oz.

pregnancy 3-breigh mayann
* was conceived when shaun was off of work due to an accident. his words were/are "only my top half was broke."
* was born 15 months after amelya.
* even though i craved cheese while pregnant, she is NOT named after brie cheese.
* her name was going to be bryce russell if she was a boy. ((so we would've been alphabetical either way, but didn't realize it WAS alphabetical until the pediatrician pointed it out))
* my mom was able to be there for her birth and cut the umbilical cord.
* i played kickball the week before she was born.
* it is on video me saying "it's like i just farted her out." her delivery was MUCH easier than amelya's. and i choose to be induced with her as well because i was so scared after amelya's delivery and tearing to *almost* the 4th degree.
* i still feel bad about the FRESH strawberry shortcake shaun's sister and aunt had to throw away, in the hospital cafeteria, to come see her be born
* breigh was my smallest baby at 7lbs 10oz.

pregnancy 4-caitlyn michaela
* was my first pregnancy to find out about in the walmart bathroom, while shaun waited in the van with the girls before we went out to eat on his birthday.
* i KNEW she was a boy and bought boy clothes all summer long because i was SO sure.
* was born 15 months after breigh
* caitlyn's labor and delivery was the first that shaun and i did "by ourselves". the other two we had a room full of people.
* my mom came to check on me before work and "heard" caitlyn's delivery from the hallway. talk about perfect timing! :)
* i cut caitlyn's cord.
* we picked the boy name the morning of her induction. it was either going to be cole michael or caleb michael. my sister picked it out of a bowl and it was caleb michael.
* my nurse checked me because i had to go to the bathroom. i was at a 6. she walked to the garbage. i was going to get up. and then i said i need to push! i went from a 6 to a 10 in only seconds...and still had to pee. :/ so i opted to just "go" with the next push. ;)
* we were "done" after caitlyn and within days of her birth traded IN our mini-van for a saturn vue. that fit three kids great in the back.
* caitlyn was my second smallest at 8lbs even.

pregnancy 5-dustin russell
* was our biggest "surprise" born 13 months after caitlyn...and about 10 months after a date night. ;)
* i didn't think i was pregnant. i just took a test randomly because i hadn't gotten my cycle back, and had at that point with the girls. so i bought a test. took all three girls in the bathroom with me at walmart. and was ASTONISHED to see PREGNANT!
* it was the first pregnancy we found out gender. and pretty much successfully kept it a secret until his birth. i did accidentally let it slip to a few people.
* all of the boy stuff i bought the summer before, worked perfect for this little boy!
* we traded in our saturn vue for another mini-van.
* shaun cut dustin's cord. it was the first baby he did it for.
* dustin was born with a prominent swirl/cowlick in the front of his hair...and i was glad that he was a boy when i saw that.
* dustin was my third smallest at 8lbs 6oz.

pregnancy 6- angel baby may 2009
* this was another walmart baby! :)
* we told everyone on mother's day that we were expecting, and sadly i naturally miscarried a week later.
* i DID get to see this precious baby alive only 3 days before i miscarried. and i treasure that moment to this day.
* i feel like this baby was a girl.

pregnancy 7- angel baby august 2009
* i have NO memory of finding out about this pregnancy. that makes me a little sad. but i honestly don't remember much of 2009.
* the baby didn't grow and i tried to "induce" a miscarriage twice with drugs my dr prescribed. it didn't work. i was trying to avoid another D&C because of my memory.
* when my dr found out about the remembering of my other D&C she said that we would use different drugs and she promised i wouldn't remember anything.
* she was right. i have no recollection of the D&C and wish i would've done it right away because of the emotional rollercoaster of taking the drugs.
* we were able to find out this baby was a boy. had he been born he would've had multiple chromosomal issues. because of the multiple issues the testing showed, shaun and i had chromosomal testing done. both of us came back "normal".

pregnancy 8- evaleigh jo faith
* was my most emotional pregnancy. i bled at the beginning and begged God to just take this baby if that was what He was going to do anyways.
* i had low progesterone with her pregnancy and had to take progesterone suppositories for 12 weeks.
* i did NOT find out about her pregnancy in a walmart bathroom.
* i was the most nervous and scared with her pregnancy.
* God spoke to me continually about trusting in Him and having faith in His plan. that is where her one middle name came from.
* had awful carpal tunnel for the second half of my pregnancy. my chiro came during her labor and adjusted my wrists and elbows for me.
* was born 20 months after dustin
* was my most traumatizing delivery because she presented posterior. i STILL remember the pain of her delivery and cringe every time someone mentions their own posterior baby.
* she was my second biggest baby at 8lbs 13oz
* i suffered post-partum depression for the first time after her birth. i still regret not going to the doctor sooner, but also am glad that i FINALLY did!

pregnancy 9- mr baby f
* was joyfully found out about on a date night. in the walmart bathroom.
* was the first baby that we actually prayed about "if" we should have and decided to "try/not try" (which really means try) for.
*  bled at the beginning of the pregnancy and AGAIN begged God to do whatever He needed to do and take the baby immediately if that was His will.
* was again put on progesterone suppositories.
* shared through tears at our women's retreat last spring that i was pregnant and scared...but at peace. and God surrounded me with the most beautiful sister friends through this entire pregnancy.
* even though we got rid of everything that we had for the other kiddos, God has provided everything we've needed for this little man.
* SERIOUSLY doesn't have a first name set yet. sometimes i think people think i'm lying when i say we don't have a name. but we really don't. and it's driving me CRAZY!
* my doctor is predicting his birth weight to be in the high 8's to low 9's. i believe her. she's been right with the rest. :)
* i didn't have an epidural with any other deliveries and don't plan to with this one either. my same doctor for all of my pregnancies has delivered all of my other kids and my prayer is that she will get to deliver this baby as well. ((my 2nd prayer has been that he doesn't present posterior))
* when i deliver it will be the 2nd longest i've been pregnant. but we're not telling the date. unless you've asked, then you know. but that's only been a few people. so SHHH! :)

ahhh! that was FUN! seriously. i love reading about pregnancies/deliveries/etc and i love to share to people who are willing to read. so i hope you enjoyed it. :)

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-stephanie- said...

That was fun to read. Well except about your babies with the Lord. But then again, what's better than being with our Lord?!

Enjoy your remaining days of pregnancy. God knows "F's" name. You'll know soon.

Amy Kolbe said...
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Amy Kolbe said...

I still remember cleaning up the puke :/
The things I do for my sister :)

Anonymous said...

Finn, Finley, Fallon, Freddy or Flynn.