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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

back to normal

life has gotten back to normal around here...well not that our life was normal to begin with...but it's starting to resemble what we're "normally" like.

school has gotten in to a much better routine. our household chores are getting back to more normal. and my kids are growing before my very eyes. it's so crazy to think these kids are old enough to get themselves ready and play outside on their own...(huge advantage to living in the country)

of course, these arctic blast cold days we've been having haven't been conducive to much outside play...but when it has been nice...they've been out there!

then there is this one...
last sunday he was ONE MONTH old. last monday i had him in for a doctor's appointment. five days after delivery he was down to 7lbs 10oz. they were concerned about his 10% weight loss. we had him in a few days later...he was up to 8lbs 3oz. so they were totally not concerned. after last monday...they probably laughed that they were EVER concerned. he weighed...are you ready for this?!!? 11lbs 10oz. that is FOUR entire pounds since 5 days old. THAT is insane!! his pediatrician was highly impressed!!

shaun turned 33 this past weekend. when did we get old enough to be 33. well him. not me. i'm still 30, for a few more months. sometimes it feels like high school was just yesterday! then i look around and realize...high school was a LOT of yesterdays ago!!

amelya will be 9 in march. i'm having a hard time believing that she is OLD enough to be 9. i'm still getting over that she's 8. ;)

and now...mr. little (c)hunk...is letting me know it's time to add some more hunk to him. :) ((i feel like all my blog posts end this way lately. lol.)) ((i also feel like i have no real "end" to these posts...i apologize!))

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