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Monday, May 12, 2008

ahhhhhh monday morning.

it does not feel like monday to me. caitlyn is first up around 7. not too bad. i'm surprised breigh isn't awake yet. she fell alseep last night at 7 so i figured she'd be up EARLY. but she's still asleep. shaun's sister is out of the hospital (yesterday) so we went over to her house to celebrate mother's day. we ordered chinese for supper and watched the survivor finale. (which btw i am very disappointed that amanda did not win) after church shaun and the girls and i went to red robin. it was pretty good. it was nice to do something with just him and the girls after not seeing him all weekend. my weekend went pretty well. my dad came up so he watched the two older girls and we took caitlyn with us for the sole burner walk. a 5k walk/run...which we walked! i would've probably been able to run it when i was in high school and on the tennis team, but definitely not now. it was a really nice walk and a beautiful day for the walk. when we were done we went to IHOP. yummy breakfast food. i love breakfast food this pregnancy. we returned to the camper a few minutes after my dad changed breigh's poopy diaper. what a guy!! i was really blessed to see how happy he was watching them and to see the girls interact with him so much. my dad worked a lot when we were little and i don't think we got time like that with him. it's fun to see my girls get it. especially when he's their only 'papa' who is alive. it cooled off a lot in the afternoon up there and rained in the evening so we didn't get to do a campfire. crazy WI weather. next time i guess. which i don't know when it will be except next time. shaun did LOTS of stuff when we were gone. he cut the lawn...which DESPERATELY needed to be done. put in our dryer...which as been sitting in our garage for like a month or longer. (our old one wasn't broke, we needed a washer and i talked him in to getting an entire new set) he burned the garbage...which was piled EVERYWHERE in the entryway. and he cleaned up the kitchen quite a bit. i was so so thankful for all of that work he did. plus he worked til after 6 on friday and for awhile on saturday. it's nice to be back home though. sleeping in my own bed. the girls slept together in the same bunk at the camper. now amelya says she wants bunk beds. which i would buy her IF she would sleep in her bed. so we'll see what happens i guess. she wants to sleep on top though...that scares me a bit. she is only 3 after all. but it was so cute to see the girls sleeping together. i'm surprised amelya let that happen. when i woke up saturday morning they were laying really close together with their heads touching. i took a picture on my mom's camera...i forgot to bring mine. i'm watching fox11 news. cara artman is getting her hair cut on the show!!!!! i'm so excited. ever since she has started i've felt she's needed a haircut. maybe they've just been waiting for this. we have mom's group this morning. but my friend is gone to washington so it'll probably be just me and the mom who runs it. which is fine too. the girls like to play with her son too. he is a few days younger then breigh. i can't believe she is going to be two in almost a month. and i have my ultrasound a month from tomorrow!! yay! i have a dr appt this week too. i'm starting to feel like i look pregnant. any tshirt i put on feels tighter in the tummy. but when i put on some maternity i just look silly. this is the hard stage of is she or isn't she i guess. i should just wear a shirt that says i am. lol. i do have a funny shirt that i got when i was pregnant with amelya that says eating for two. sooooooo caitlyn is done munching on her cheerios so i should get her out of the high chair. have a sparkles in your hair kinda day. amanda

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