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Friday, May 09, 2008

a (old) picture of my girlies

so for awhile i've been writing about my girls but give you no pictures. this is a pretty old one, but on my computer and just easier for me to do right now. caitlyn is in the middle and breigh is on the left and amelya on the right. the really only big difference is caitlyn has thinned out quite a bit. and YES they are all three wearing matching shirts and pants for that matter. i love love love to match them up when provided the opportunity to do so. i say i'll do it til they won't let me anymore. but quite honestly amelya and breigh love looking like caitlyn...so i guess that kind of helps a bit. later i will post a picture of myself...so you can get an idea of the crazy person behind the blog. but i am still a little nervous to put my card into the computer considering what happened the last time i did. :) so i'll have to wait til i go to my mom's house or something. sorry. not that it is that important anyways. but i need to keep this really short this time. caitlyn i think is getting hungry for an early lunch or something. plus i STILL have to pack!!!!!! good thing we're leaving only for two days and not two weeks.

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The Johnson Family said...

Your girls are beautiful!
Have a safe trip this weekend.