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Friday, May 09, 2008

just me awake...what??

well this morning it's just me up at 730. i didn't do this all by myself however, and i really should be packing for our 'trip' up north...but given this rare opportunity i thought i'd blog instead. :) and besides i will not be able to do it tomorrow, and sunday is mother's day. so you're left with no babbling for the weekend. sorry. so the reason i was up at 730 was because shaun's younger sister in the hospital. in the words of one of her friend's daughters "she had her independence taken out" lol. actually it was her appendix. because it was so bad the doctor wants her to stay another night and shaun's mom was just updating me. and she was trying to figure out how to get her car up to her. i am pretty much not able to help. sooooo my haircut. i decided to go short. and i LOVE it. it's also nice to have my hair highlited again...i'm blonde all over instead of just the bottom half. i haven't had my hair highlighted since right before caitlyn was born...so august. that's a long time of growout. good thing i don't have really super dark hair otherwise it would have looked even worse then it did. i'm super excited to 'look cute'. maybe that's kind of egotistical or something, but with my hair cut like this i feel better and feel cuter instead of 'ugh my hair' type of feeling. we'll see how it goes today when it's left up to me to style. my aunt totally blessed me too because she gave me my highlites for my birthday (which was a month ago) so she just charged me 20 bucks!! still she was only going to charge me 45, which is still way cheap. guess it pays to know someone. lol. i got to go through the taco bell drive thru yesterday. i was so craving it and i was a little hungry...so i went through it with my sister. (as a side note, i craved taco bell with all my pregnancys. it was the worst with amelya...when we still had one in chilton i ate there 5 times in a two week period) mmmmmmmmm it was SO good at totally hit the spot. i even ate while driving...maybe a bad thing, but i was surprised i did it with minimal spillage. my sister and i also found my mommy's mother day present. score. we did it without much problems to think of what we should get her too. the girls were troopers through it all, and were super good at the hospital. i was kind of bummed though, apparently they're trying to buff up security at the hospital so now you can't look at the babies at your own free will you have to be buzzed in to get to that section. i guess i understand it, but amelya was all excited to see the babies. when caitlyn was in the hospital for broncholitis in february amelya and breigh loved going down the hall to see the new babies. it would have been a longer 4 days had they been constricted in a smaller space. i have to pack yet and find and type out a guest list for a party and and and and....our to-dos never end do they. :) it's all a part of being a mom, or maybe even part of being an adult. i'm not sure how to pack either, so i usually end up packing three different outfits for each day so we can change our minds depending on the weather. i wish shaun didn't have to work so he could come along. but there's always next time. plus i don't think my dad is coming, and neither is grant...so he'd be the only boy along. i know he used to it but i'll let him slide....i keep thinking maybe he'll finish cleaning up the kitchen. but i will place no expectations and be pleasantly surprised if he does and oh well if he doesn't. he does so much around here the way it is. my guess is he'll pick some stones. which amelya will be bummed about if she doesn't get to help. we'll have to see. i called shaun to let him know that i will stop by his work so the girls can say good bye to him later. they didn't get to spend a lot of daddy time with him last night and won't see him now for two days...so at least they can say bye. breigh will probably feel bummed the most. she's a daddy's girl on the weekends. well i suppose it is 800! i'm still the only one up!! so now i should get some other things done while i'm blessed with the opportunity. til next time have a zip a de doo da day!!

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The Johnson Family said...

It must be a 'Mom' thing to pack 3 outfits per day. I do the same and it makes my husband so mad. We have a suitcase of extra clothes anytime we go on vacation but that suit case is cheaper than buy clothes you didn't pack...men never see it that way though :)