i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

well it was an early morning at our house. caitlyn was up by 6. very unusual for her. yesterday i had to wake her up at 840ish. breigh was up too. but they are both in good moods and have been since they got up. shaun was also home still when they got up, so they got to say goodbye to daddy. it's been a LONG time since i've been up when shaun has left for work. i do like seeing him 'off' though. breigh is currently dressing herself up in pretty much any dress up clothes she can find. she is so funny. she was singing her abc's before. well not ALL of them but most of them...she has the 'tune' down very well. i cannot believe how much she has grown up in the past few months. she's turning into a big girl and not so much a baby anymore. amelya keeps getting bigger too. yesterday eating lunch she was leaning up against the table and nudges me and says "the table is hurting my boobs" i about DIED. first off i wanted to ask WHAT BOOBS!! lol. but she was very serious so i just told her to quit leaning on the table. that kid is hilarious! it was even funnier how she nudged me when she said it. today i am getting a haircut. i think i am getting them cut shorter. i just always want something different. i haven't gotten my hair cut since october. super long time for me. i'm getting them highlighted too. i'm excited, but still not 100% how i want my hair. maybe i should search styles...my aunt is cutting them. she should be good at telling me what to do too. shaun called this morning and said his sister was admitted to the hospital overnight. last week she was in the ER. i don't think they know exactally what is wrong, but whatever is wrong is causing her a lot of pain, and that's why they admitted her. so i'm imagining later we'll be there if she is still there. shaun is a cool brother like that. some brothers might not go visit or 'show they care' but he isn't afraid to do that. when his sister was in the hospital last year (other sister) she was there for a week or longer and shaun visited every day. i hope my girls are like that with each other too. the girls are relatively well behaved when we visit. spend some time walking the halls, but considering their ages (3, almost 2) they do very good. my sister is watching them while i get my haircut. i have to go to the chiropractor, where she works, for an appt then she's leaving with me to go get my hair done. my sister pretty much does whatever whenever i ask her to. her future husband is graduating next week and now is job searching, she does not want to move far away. we have been doing something with her once a week for as long as i can remember so i'm sure it'd be hard to leave and not see the girls as much. best buy called me the other night. i can go pick up my card. now i just need to find someone cheap to fix it!! lol. still praying about that. so i have to say i think i'm done babbling for now. breigh has decided to start not being in a good mood and i don't think she knows what she wants. on or off my lap? giraffe or no giraffe? to be two years old and faced with decisions like that!! lol. at least she doesn't have to worry about a hair cut yet. :) so be happy. nothing else better. amanda

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