i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the crops are all in...

yay! shaun got all of our crops in today. he's cleaning out the soybean drill as i write this. he'll have to take it back, but other than that at least it'll be an 'early night'. i dread planting time because it can sometimes mean a longer night for more than one night in a row. all we have to do is pick stones in the fields again. shaun did it the first time all by himself. well actually his uncle dropped off his cousin to help. steven helped last year too. i know shaun appreciated it and i'm sure steven had fun. amelya and breigh got to ride along in the tractor today a lot too. i (finally) closed that hostesses show so they rode with him and i took caitlyn with me. i stopped in stockbridge on the way home and got paninis for supper. mmm good. i've been craving them since going to the mom and pop place last week. while i waited for the food to be prepared i got a wildberry smoothie...yuuuuuuuuummmmmy. the lady's show ended up being over 600. yay for me. i made almost 200 bucks off it. nice easy money. i love love love (love) to stay home and that provides the perfect opportunity. even when they're fighting or crying or whatever-ing. i love it. having 15 months between them could be considered on the verge of mental institution, but really it isn't that big of a deal. i'll tell you...have them close! you will love it. because our lives will never be 'perfect' or 'right' enough for a baby. you'll never be able to afford one. you'll never have a big enough car, house etc etc. let god do the planning and you do the raising. our plans are crummy compared to the ones our loving god has for us. you have to have to have to come to the point of knowing that god loves your kids more than you do. a whole lot more. and i love my kids A LOT!! i love watching shaun be a daddy to them too. he didn't have a lot of experience with kids before we had them, but he is a wonderful dad. and of course the girls have him wrapped around each one of their fingers AND toes!! he'd do anything for them. me too. but you know what. god gave his son for us. can you imagine giving up your one and only son to die. a cruel awful death. just so others can live. we have a very unselfish god. most unselfish person i know. well twice in one day is a record for me. just needed a sec to sit down and blab. we went to visit the newest member of our neighborhood today. caiden is SO cute. seeing an 8 lb baby makes me realize just how big the girls have gotten. caitlyn is 8 months old today. she started out as big as he is. and in a mere 8 months has grown so so much. ahhhh motherhood. well i'm going to cut it short? now.

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