i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

late night and early mornings.

shaun and i stayed up past 11 last night. partly because i didn't get home until after 10 and had his supper from 'town' with me. because i had not seen him all day i stayed up with him so we could have that time together all couples need. then we went to bed, and did some more talking. i bought a couples devotional over the weekend that we've started doing. we've done devotionals but never together. it's fun. the book is called...songs in the key of solomon...in the word and in the mood. (perfect guy devo if you ask me) it has questions for each of us at the end of the devo and i've been so blessed by reading them together and talking about the questions. last night we laughed together more than we have in a LOOOOONG time. it's fun to laugh so hard your tummy hurts with your husband. amelya woke up at 510 this morning when shaun's alarm clock went off. she said she didn't like that noise it woke her up. so she came into bed with us...and is still up there sleeping. breigh was up early at 620, but stayed relatively quiet until 636. yay. that is at least a little extra sleep. i went to a pampered chef party last night. i'm proud of myself for not buying anything i didn't need. and only spending 45. that's good for me at a party. of any kind. i have to close one of my parties today. i sell lia sophia. the lady was supposed to close on saturday morning...called me friday night to set it up. i try calling her to close saturday and she doesn't answer and calls me last night saying she was in door county all weekend. did she not know this friday night at 930 when she called me? whatever. i feel bad for the people at her party though because she had her show 3 weeks ago so they might be wondering where the stuff is at. i haven't gotten any calls from them so i guess that's good. i got a surprise email from someone today saying they'd like to order something from me. love it!! my business has gone down a little bit from what it had been. i'd been averaging four shows a month now i'm down to two. so if anyone out there wants to help me out....i'd love it!! my goal is to do 4 a month until this baby is born to make some extra money. amelya painted my finger nails yesterday. she did a great job. pink on one hand and orange on the other. i had to persuade her to do the orange. she just wanted to do the one hand and save the other for 'next time'. lol. too cute. well breigh is itching and wants lotion...crazy excema. til next time.

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