i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Monday, May 05, 2008

mouse turds, field work, and sunshine

okay first off i LOVE living in the country. BUT BUT BUT i do not LIKE the mouse turds that can be found, pretty much inevitable in the country! i am pretty sure i found one on our stairs last night. yuck. i also want to know how it even got up there, IF there is a said mouse. i've praying ever since that if there is a mouse it finds the poison and well...dies. and if there is a mouse that i do not have to see it. i can live with a mouse as long as it knows it's boundries and does not try to confront me...dead OR alive. i hardly got sleep last night because i think about a mouse and it being in my room or something...i think part of me imagines a little mouse family living in my house when i'm gone and asleep or something...kind of like golidlock and the three bears, our story would be mousie and the popps. lol. shaun has to start field work ASAP. fields need to be worked up and stones need to be picked. the weather report looks good for the week so that means after he gets home from work he'll be out in the fields. maybe i'll finally get my kitchen clean. this weekend the girls and i are going up to the camper my parents have in waupaca. it'll be nice to get away. shaun has to work so he won't be coming. but then he'll be able to get loads of work done in the fields and i won't mind as much because i will be gone from home. breigh's awake. guess this will have to be short. i feel bad, she's calling for daddy. she'll be highly disappointed when mommy walks in. til later. or tomorrow. or whenever.

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