i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Friday, May 02, 2008

numero theero

hey. got to sleep til after seven today!! yay!! 712 to be exact. love it. love it. yesterday was a crazy day. last week i took my memory card to best buy's geek squad so they could hopefully get my pictures off of my memory card, my computer wouldn't read it. well they couldn't so they sent it out...which cost me over 50 bucks...to their data recovery 'lab'. well i got a call yesterday and they said they could get it off my card, maybe, but it was a level three and in the end would cost 1540 plus a 100 fee for something else. i said, i love my kids, i want the pictures, BUT i DO NOT have over 1500 to spend on that. i'm bummed a little. BUT i also know god knows too. and HE can fix it...for free even!! but if anyone knows anyone who knows anything about getting pictures off of a 'corrupted' card...PLEASE let me know. i'm totally willing to pay them...not 1500 bucks...but a totally fair amount for their work. i also made a trek to bellybeans. my sister gave me a gift certificate for there for my birthday and it has been burning a whole in my pocket since. my plan was to buy a diaper bag. i have seriously wanted a 'petunia pickle bottom' diaper bag since i first saw them in the store. they are way a lots of money. i guess the ppb is like a 'coach' to someone who loves purses. the last diaper bag i bought at gordman's lasted me like a few months...then i bought a 'used' one at once upon a child. i loved that one too...but now that one broke. so me trying to justify this crazy purchase...figures something that costs almost your first born should last awhile...and i'll be needing a diaper bag for awhile...plus after i'm out of the diaper bag stage it could totally serve as an overnight bag. it's really pretty...brown with blue flower pattern. well actually it's more blue floral pattern with brown..if that makes sense. and I LOVE IT! and now i've got what i have wanted for a really long time. the girls were really good at the store too. usually amelya 'looks for her size' and takes lots of clothes off the racks...breigh will push these stacked shirts through the shelf and on the floor. but i had to stop breigh once and not once did amelya take any clothes off the rack. yep i'm proud. then i looked at the clearance racks. big mistake!! there have been these really pretty purple/lilacy shirts that i have wanted for the girls but never got (i could not justify spending over 50 regular priced on a sweater time three sweaters) so they were on the clearance rack...for like 30 ish...then the girl tells me that it's half off of that too!! yay!! so i got to buy them...i could spend like 50ish on three sweaters...for ALL three. they will wear them for their pictures in june. i was so very excited. then i went upstairs. of course all of the maternity was an additional half off the prices too. so i found a shirt that i have always wanted for myself too and paid a quarter of the price for it. i did well. plus the shirt can be used as a nursing shirt for afterwards too. so really i will get loads of use out of it. i really like that store. i was also really happy that the girls were so good. they all fell alseep on the way home too. amelya woke up when we got home and so did caitlyn but breigh took a pretty decent nap. shaun was done by six from work. that was nice too. he is itching to get out in the fields though. he hasn't done anything yet and now he thinks he should get different corn seed because of the maturity date on the corn we have. i really do not know. all i do know is that we locked in a good price on half of our corn...and maybe it'll go up so we can lock in the rest. the hay is coming up nice too. you know i never would have thought i would even THINK things like this. and now i'm writing about this to other people. lol. but when the hay looks nice so does the money we get for it. i like summer because we get those extra checks from hay and stuff. winter seems long sometimes because of not getting those. this year was really good though. i think it has to do with me fully trusting that god WILL take care of it. because he has before so why would he stop now right? that's one thing i have been learning more and more about god. just trust in him and let him take care of it. regardless of what i plan i cannot do anything about it. we see merely a few strokes in the painting of our life, but god..the artist...already knows them all. i may seem very 'religious' to you. but let me tell you...it is not 'religion' that keeps me going at all. it is my relationship with jesus. i grew up doing 'religious' things because i thought that is what i 'should' be doing. but really all jesus wants is you and your heart. and then he takes care of the rest of it. i remember someone asked me once what religion i was i said christian. she said like lutheran i said no like christian. i dunno. are church is considered 'non-denominational'. we actually go to a home church. our pastor and his wife and daughter open there house every week so we can come and get together. when everyone is there we have almost 30 people in our church. i love it. i love the closeness we all have and the friends i have. i think in a bigger church you can get lost among the crowd and then you lose the accountability. i WANT people to care about what i'm going through, and what i'm doing and if they see things i shouldn't be doing i WANT them to talk to me and help me though it. accountability is a BIG thing, but i guess scary too. some people may want to go to church on sunday, then live however else they want monday through saturday. that isn't how i want to live at all. i want to live for god everyday. i can only pray that it shows through my life the entire week. now i am human, i do fail, and sometimes a lot, but god takes me back. but it also doesn't give me the right to go on and do whatever i want knowing god will take me back either. i'd love to get into it more....but mommyhood calls. caitlyn wants her bottle and amelya wants something to drink. breigh? well she's just being breigh. :) raindrops falling on your tin roof....amanda

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