i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Friday, May 02, 2008

short? if at all possible

so it's rainy today. part of me wants to crawl into bed. the other part of me knows i have more important things to do...like start supper. which might be difficult because i picked up a 'cranky pat's' pizza on my way home from town. :) just throw it on the pizzaz and 'pizzaz' it's done in 15 minutes. the pizzaz is an interesting thing. it kind of freaked me out at first. i mean a pizza just sitting 'out' to cook. but i love it. we use it for more than just pizza too. we spent the day at my friends house. we spend at least one day a week there. (and on mondays we see each other at mom's group and on wednesdays we go to story time) but next weekend they leave for two weeks. what am i going to do!?!? the girls get along well with her son. and it's fun to see them play together. we're thinking breigh could easily marry him. they are the only two who 'fight'. in fact today he ran from her when she came up to him with something. i laughed, but kept a close eye on the situation. she's been known to pin him up against the door...literally! i don't know where she gets this need for power thing from. or do i? i've been reading some other blogs lately. i've noticed no one blogs like me. i ramble on and on about everything. they write in complete sentences, probably use their spellcheck, and usually have a point. oh well. i also have one big 'paragraph' they have seperated paragraphs. so i guess i could change like everyone else. nope don't think so. it's so much easier to go on and on. and not have to worry about much of anything. i'm going scrapbooking in a little over an hour. i'm excited. even more excited to get some work done!! and if i don't...well there is always next month. so i said short...after all it is the title. and i didn't put the pizza in the freezer so it's thawing next to me. so til next time...may your pizzas stay frozen. :) amandaroo

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