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Thursday, May 01, 2008

two days in a row...:)

well two days in a row is probably pretty good. but although like a journal when you first get it you write and write and write. so we'll see. after reading my entry over yesterday i saw some spelling errors. sorry. there is a spell check button...i just didn't utilize it. i got to 'sleep in' today. til almost seven 648! that is quite the feat in our house. and caitlyn was the first up. usually it is breigh at the crack of early. breigh slept til after 7 today. impressive. i'm hoping they sleep in saturday morning. shaun has saturday off and will usually get up with breigh...i'm going scrapbooking friday night...which most likely will produce a late night and not a lot of sleep. so shaun usually lets me sleep and gets up with breigh then i get up when caitlyn does. which lately isn't too far after seven. i need them to all sleep like amelya who is rarely up before 8. in 12 years i'll be complaining because they won't wake up til noon!! lol. it's amazing to see how the life pattern of our sleep changes. i don't think i could sleep until 10 even if given the chance. also after reading my post yesterday i totally forgot to tell you all about finding out about baby d. how dare i!!? so i DID NOT think i was even pregnant at all. for those of you with more than one kid you know how less it happens after that. and it happened not a whole lot and only TWO TIMES without any sort of 'protection'. (i'm also a believer in if it's going to happen it's going to happen so i guess protection isn't really the right word...but the only word i can think of) soooo...i hadn't gotten my 'friend'/period (we're all adults) after having caitlyn and decided that because i had gotten by this point with the other girls i'd just go buy a test. so i did. in the aisle when i bought it a like 16-17 year old girl was also in the aisle and i later saw her hiding her test while in line. not to mention mine was underneath the computer paper i had in my cart as well. so i go to the self check out...of course. :) and buy the test. i feel crazy. anywho...because i 'saved' my pee just for the test i took the girls...yep all three of them. into the stall with me at walmart and did the test. i figured it's negative anyway so i'll just check it. then after like 30 seconds...they say 3 minutes it takes....mine have NEVER taken 3 minutes!! the test says "pregnant". i was in shock. i looked at amelya and said do you know what this says? she said no. i said it says i'm pregnant. now to a three year old she has no idea what i just told her. and didn't care either. so i try to make it out of the bathroom and walmart without fainting! i did. i half debated calling shauns sister who could've taken my blood and done a serum test on it to tell me for sure. the tests are 99.9% accurate i still figured it was wrong...i know i know .1 percent. but hey! i didn't call her. but as i drove past her work she was leaving and waved. i seriously prayed...please don't call me!! so now. how do i tell shaun?? well i took a picture of the test and printed off a whole bunch others of the girls. after he got out of the shower i said look at these pictures. i turned away as he did because i was smiling...out of insanity maybe. well he got to the last picture. his jaw dropped and he said you're kidding. okay first off who would kid about that!! i said no and proceded to tell him how i didn't even feel pregnant. he says...then why did you take the test? (like if i didn't take it it would've changed or something!! boys...) so needless to say he was just as shocked as i was. the next day i spent the day at my friends house. do you know how hard it is not just say IM PREGNANT! well i didn't tell her and actually went that afternoon to 'womankind' they do free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds from 6-18 weeks. i went there and talked with the nurse who asked if i had taken a test. i said yes. she said what did it say. i said pregnant, both times. (i took the second test in the pack later in the night to see if it still said the same thing) she just smiled at me. she was probably thinking...oh like this test i do isn't going to come back positive. well it didn't. because we couldn't figure out dates though she said she wouldn't do an ultrasound because i had probably gotten pregnant on my date night a few weeks earlier. so i plan on calling and getting the free ultrasound pretty soon though. she totally encouraged me to come back. i called my dr. the next day and they took my blood for the hcg levels. then scheduled me for an ultrasound. i got the ultrasound and got to see the baby...about the size of uncooked rice and it's little beating heart. beautiful. the shock has obviously worn off and i couldn't be more excited to add another letter to the family. shaun's excited too. last night i talked to him about cutting the cord. he said i don't know. i said why. he thinks it is gross. i told him to think about it and that he has awhile to decide. so he said okay. so at least he was open to that. this morning i was all excited to eat a donut for breakfast that i got yesterday. it was gone. i called shaun yesterday at walmart and he said he did not like filled donuts. so i got him an unfilled one. i LIKE filled donuts and bought me one. so i called my dear husband and asked him where my donut was. he said he ate it. he said it was too late once he started eating it once he realized it was filled and ate it all. i knew i should've bought more!! lol. he had to work at five this morning. yuck. i don't even remember him leaving for work ever. hopefully he can get done at a decent time today. yesterday he was done at 530. that's early for him lately. he'll have to be done early tomorrow because i have to leave to scrapbook. :) i have all intentions of getting lots done. we'll see. i totally enjoy the fellowship along with the scrapping. last time they made me a yummy cake for my birthday. it was a lot of fun. i could go into a really funny story about the cake...but you probably wouldn't get it. shaun didn't even laugh when i told him the story he just looked at me funny. must be a 'had to be there' thing. breigh ate peas for breakfast this morning. i think that's weird. but that's what she wanted. so okay. i was just praying i wasn't going to puke while warming them up. i didn't. :) i go back and read this and realize how random i can be. sorry. but if you read my journal (and NO you cannot) i'm random and all over the map there too. i should probably go. get the girls dressed...well breigh and caitlyn. no they're not naked just in their jammies yet. breigh usually throws a fit when we take hers off though. shaun got her some cars jammies at walmart and the first day we took them off to get dressed she literally threw herself on the floor yelling cars! cars! she's funny. okay i said i was done. so i'll be done. enjoy your first day of MAY!! :) stardusts, sparkles, and glitters....til next time.

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