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Monday, October 20, 2008

not me monday

this is so fun. be sure to check out mckmama's blog at www.mycharmingkids.net to see all the rules, and of course everyone else's not me's.

so it wasn't me who kept checking mckmama's blog to see if she posted last night, so i could 'get ahead of the game'

it wasn't me that teared up when a lady won the million dollars on wheel of fortune. who is silly enough to do that?! it also is not me who wants to figure out statistically her chances at actually winning it...there are a lot of things that have to happen. it wasn't me either who got excited when they replayed that episode on saturday so i could see it yet again.

it wasn't me who got all emotional, again, when amelya wrote out the letters 'i love you' after i told them to her

it was not me who didn't want to be in labor on monday on our way home from madison, because that would have meant missing hanging out with alisha and getting my spa day pedicure

it isn't me who now just wants this baby to wait until the 'set' date to come, because i am not a planner and don't want to have to rush around and actually be in labor myself

it isn't me who is a little freaked out that by next weekend i will have four babies!

it isn't me who packed my hospital bag with maternity jeans that don't fit right now, hoping they'll fit when we leave the hospital

i am absolutely not the one who yelled in the car when a lady who wasn't pregnant took the 'expectant mother's spot' at walmart after alisha and i drove around forever and then found 'the spot' and then it wasn't me who said, i'm gonna pee on her tires. because first off i do not yell, and i would never ever even think about peeing on someone's tires, well that part is true i wouldn't. i also was not busting a gut laughing at the whole situation when we had to walk a mile to get into walmart. it was truly funny, and i wasn't mad, it was just funny...

i was also not disappointed when shaun didn't find our story as funny as we did.

i also do not keep counting down the days to baby d's birth. because there is not only DAYS left. ahhh! :o)

well there you have it!! not me monday. what didn't you do??!! it's really quite theraputic. and a laugh.

today is mom's group and nothing else...so far...for us. it'll be nice to relax with the girlies this afternoon, because tomorrow is a busy day of dance class, chiro appts, and then after that going to the book fair. because it's not my girls who already have shelves and shelves of books in our living room....and they do not 'need' anymore. but it's always a good deal, and i'm super excited to go get them some more.

if i didn't mention last week, caitlyn has an ultrasound on friday. i feel bad because the appt is at nine AM and she can't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. good thing she's a good sleeper and sleeps in til eight or after usually. i've been trying to not feed her right away as well so she gets used to not eating or drinking right after she wakes up. so we'll have to see how it all goes. they just want to check her organs to make sure everything is okay in her belly. and that her 'pooper' issue isn't causing any other issues. then the results will get faxed to her dr down at children's and i'm assuming in november we'll discuss them with the dr and the surgeon and go from there.

so i'm hungry. i so didn't 'skip' eating breakfast first, so i could type up my not me's. :o) have a great monday...

10 loving words from you.:

gbmom2407 said...

Hello, I am over from MckMamas. You made me laugh about the Walmart story. (my husband would not have found it funny either...maybe it is because they have never had to "carry" the babies). God be with you durring your labor and delivery and everyother time too. **we have three boys and a girl** arn't children just the absolute blessing.
Happy day.

CityMom, CountryMom said...

It was not me that went to MckMama's blog every 1/2 hour last night saying "Where are you?"
You did not want to pee on tires!! LOL!!!!! Hang in there!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Oh I am SO LAUGHING right now!! I was told to check out your blog because you talked about peeing too! ROFL!!! OMG how funny!

Wait..I did NOT just type and tell a perfect stranger I came to her blog to read about her pee story...did not...

Kameron said...

Don't you hate it when you think something is hilarious and it just doens't translate in the story?? I had a similiar thing happen at babies r us wehen I was pregnant and I was so irritated!

Jennifer said...

I get emotional at a lot of T.V shoes...I'm a big baby, even when i'm not pregnant! Good Luck with baby number 4! I have 4 myself! I love the Wal-mart story too! How dare him not think that was funny! LOL

heidi said...

Ok, seriously?

"it isn't me who now just wants this baby to wait until the 'set' date to come, because i am not a planner and don't want to have to rush around and actually be in labor myself"

That caused me SERIOUS anxiety and brought me to the verge of complete panic too many times to count.

Praying t all goes according to plan for you.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I so do not want to see that episode of the lady winning the million dollars.. becuase I am a big ol sap..a nd love a good happy cry!

And peeing on the tires? How would an almost full term pregant woman even go about? LOL Hilarious non the less.(strangly I had a pee story on my NMM post as well.LOL

Blessings as you get through these last few days!



Jessi Dawn said...

You're such a funny bunny, girl! I am with ya n the "how am I gonna do three babes??" thing... Guess we'll figure that one out. Plus, loving the packing your not-fitting jeans in the hospital bag, hoping they'll fit. Sigh. Wishing you luck on that one, too!

Ashley Griffin said...

I so did not laugh at the peeing on the tires... :)

Kristi J said...

hi, found your blog through mcm's..I have four little ones...2 girls then 2 boys...we're in Brentwood, TN and we're now adopting for the first time: 1 or 2 babies...(we put in for twins)...we can't wait to have 5 or 6!! four has been great...it is so much easier raising 4 kids than being pregnant and taking care of 3 little ones...4 has been easy!! good luck, kristi johnson