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Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday = fun day

...the girls having fun in the leaves at auntie's house

and of course while they were having their fun with leaves, i was having my fun at the spa and in appleton. i got my eighty dollar pedicure (paid for with a gift certificate) and it was SO nice and SO worth it...although it should be right?!? but it does last an hour and a half...so that's a long time to have someone just working on your legs and feet. i just did a purple color, no design. which is a bit unusual for me, i usually get a design, but i figured because it's a tad bit chilly out and i need to wear socks most days it didn't pay to waste the money on the design. after the spa we went to chipotle to eat. it was yummy. oh but before that we stopped at orange julius to get a smoothie...that was yummy too. i love doing things with alisha because she loves to eat, and so do i. makes it a little better when there is someone else shoving their face as much as you. lol.

we went to kohl's after eating. i found some great deals on dress up stuff for the girls. i found a cinderella dress and a little mermaid outfit. they were normally twenty five dollars, i got them for ten!! yay! i also found a duffle bag for myself there way on sale. i LOVE sales. they get me every time. but i need a new duffle bag, especially since this baby could be coming any day now i need to get my hospital bag all packed and prepared.

speaking of the baby...i only gained one pound this week...that was nice. my dr also said she still thinks this baby is eight or more pounds, and is hoping that baby d doesn't beat it's sister's weight. me too!! she gave me the low down if i happen to go into labor before my induction. she said that if my water breaks to come immediately to the hospital and bring the girls if we have to and have whoever is watching them meet us there. and she said to come in when my contractions are 5-8 minutes apart. i'm truly praying i don't go into labor myself. i could possibly have only a fewish days to wait, so hopefully this baby stays right where it is until that day. i just like having it all planned out and not having to worry about the girls and rushing out of the house. so we'll see. she also checked me. i am 1 1/2 cm dialated and about 70 percent effaced. so things are happening, but i still have a ways to go. when she checked me her eyes got really big and it made me nervous that she was going to tell me that it was 'time'. thankfully that didn't happen. i was alone with the girls at the office! that would've been CRAZY. she also gave me some input on caitlyn's little issue too. it was nice to get a gyno view on the whole thing. because to me caitlyn is a little one year old not a twenty something contemplating marriage, intercourse and having babies. she told me that she has a few paitents with caitlyn's same issue. she will probably not be able to have babies naturally due to the risk of tearing...and she also said that what makes the babies is usually painful. so we'll have to see what happens. and continue to trust god and not be afraid.

that verse is a verse i picked this week for a homework answer for church. we had to pick one verse from isaiah 12 and appy it to our walks. i picked that part of verse two. i will trust and not be afraid. to me i think it's easy to say that you trust. and it's easy to say that you aren't afraid. but i think it's hard to put those together. i trust god, but i find myself sometimes still afraid. i've purposed it in my heart to put the two together and not be afraid and trust god. because he knows it all. he sees the entire picture. he has not failed me before, and he won't change. he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. always faithful. always loving. always gracious. even when i don't deserve it. no one else on this earth loves me like he does. not even shaun. or my girlies.

for those of you who don't or didn't know. today is sweetest day. shaun and i usually just get each other a card and maybe a little something else. i just gave him some kit kats. (his favorite) it was cute because he got me a pack of nut rolls. mmm i love those. and i was even more surprised by the flowers he got me too. it was nice. he got the girls each a little something too. the girls gave him a card. amelya was all excited to give him the card and write love you in it. she also wrote her name. i also loved watching breigh draw what she calls her name.

tomorrow is church. after that i know of nothing. that's okay. i'm kind of needing a day to do nothing. come home after church and just relax. have the girls all nap, well at least the little two and then i can nap too. i've been super duper tired lately. and i haven't been sleeping well at night. i'm either up to roll over or i'm up thinking about all the stuff i should do before this baby comes. and then i start thinking about the day the baby is coming and get all excited. and start thinking oh my oh my it's almost here!

i finished the paper doll cutouts for my sisters wedding. they turned out SO super cute. i'll have to remember to take pictures of them and post them. i also asked shaun's mom today if she would draw the faces on them, because shaun said she was good at that. and she said yes!! yay! now we won't have to have a 'willow tree' looking wedding party. because truthfully i seriously contemplated them having no faces. i'm not good at that. i got all the names on them too. so now i just have to cut some hearts and finish up decorating the poster board. but that won't take much, and i enjoy doing the crafty stuff. now if i could only get ambitious on the scrapbooks i'm years behind on.

well i suppose, i've just been saying how tired i am. so i guess i'm off to bed. nighty night.

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