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Friday, October 17, 2008


can you believe it's already friday? i cannot! the week has flown right on by. it makes me realize then how fast life truly goes. and how i need to stop sometimes and 'smell the roses'. the roses being, my kids, my husband, everything else but the computer. lol. sometimes i feel when i walk by i have to check my email or something. because you know i'm SO popular and gets tons of emails from actual people every day! right. so i'm going to do my best to spend the time with my roses instead of the computer. because before i know it...my roses are going to be all bloomed and planting themselves in other places...

on a less serious, and probably more boring note, yesterday was a fun day. gage and chantae came over. like one minute after i was out of the shower and dressed...phew. the girls and gage played well together. and it was fun for me to see them playing in the playroom. getting some good use out of their toys. and chantae and i were given the chance to talk and catch up a little bit. so overall it was the 'perfect' set up. except of course when gage was poopy and breigh decided to shove her hand down his diaper! good thing no poop got on it! yuck!!

my sister came over to work on the 'dolls' some more. they're almost complete!! today we have to cut out the hair for all of them, and then i think they should be all done. then we have to figure out a 'scene' or something for them to be standing by. i'm really excited to see how it will all turn out. amelya loved helping making the pieces into stickers with the sticker maker too.

caitlyn's pooping was really 'good' yesterday. the miralax upped a little helped a little. i didn't even know she did it until she crawled by me. so i keep praying that it'll keep being how it was yesterday, and not the two days before. i scheduled her ultrasound yesterday as well. it is next friday morning. i feel bad because she cannot eat or drink anything before the appt. good thing she sleeps til eightish and the appt is at nine. it'll be fine, because god will keep her satisfied. i know it. she still isn't walking. so i don't think she'll be walking before baby d comes. oh well. she's been pushing her stroller she got for her birthday all around, so she's getting some practice in. next step is without the stroller...so we're close!!

breigh is talking so much lately...it's crazy. caitlyn has starting saying a few words too. her newest one is "okay"...sounds like "k" so yesterday i showed my sister how she can say it. and she did. and breigh looks at amy and says "caity cannot talk". oh it was so funny. breigh cracks me up. i'm also amazed at the food she eats. last night after eating super she wanted chips, and salsa. the kid eats salsa like applesauce, which is what she calls it! she picked out the chunks and just ate them, and occasionally used a chip. and when she was done...she licked the bowl clean. i don't know many two year olds who love salsa like she does. even when we go out to eat at a 'real' mexican restuarant...she eats the salsa just the same. crazy!

today is my dr's appt for the week. ahhh. i'm so excited. last week i gained four pounds, so hopefully i didn't do that again. i could afford to lose a few or even stay the same. although i have only gained 39 pounds so far. so i haven't beaten amelya's weight gain of 45. that's a good thing. and i better not have gained more then 6 pounds! maybe baby d's weight stayed the same too. around eight pounds is good enough for me. :) i'm so excited...if i have failed to mention it before, for baby d!! amelya is getting excited too. i am just praying god prepares the girlies for this new baby and that there is minimal (or NO) jealousy. and the transistion from three to four goes well. which i am trusting it will. i've never had a problem adjusting. and in all reality is was 'harder' from one to two then from two to three...so i'm hoping three to four is just as 'easy'.

tomorrow i'm going to the spa at the mall with a friend. i'm so excited. we each have gift certificates for there and are going to finally use them...and get to spend the day together. then we're going out for mexican food. yummy. we also get to pick up her mom from the airport. so it'll be a busy fun day of fellowship with a friend. it's been a long time since her and i have gotten together just the two of us. shaun has to work this weekend. so the girls are going by his sister's house til he gets done tomorrow. when i originally planned this it was shaun's weekend off, but with the wedding last weekend plans changed because now he's working opposite. oh well. it'll all get straightened out. and the girls don't mind going to aunties house.

well i suppose. i've done enough babbling...and my belly is hungry. :)

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Ashley said...

i think you are right, too often do we get hung up on the happenings from day to day that we forget to 'stop and smell the roses'... it's time to take a big long whiff! :)