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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

october 15th...

well if you don't know, which i didn't until yesterday...today is the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. i didn't know. for those of you who know me personally, or have read from the beginning. you may know that we have a little angel baby up in heaven. we lost that baby due to miscarriage. i shared my heart on this subject after reading the entire blog of the Bring the Rain blog (on my blog list to your right). so instead of sharing it all again, and so i don't sit and bawl again! go ahead and read this post, just don't forget to come back!! :) http://aproudmommyof4.blogspot.com/2008/07/tears-are-okay.html

well now that your eyes are dried...okay i'll admit, i read it again and it was hard not to cry again. but then again i wrote it!

we went to storytime today. it was nice. they had a fireman come in and dress up. the girls didn't cry! i was surprised, because he probably looks scary to little kids. after story time we went to mcdonald's. i called chantae to see if her and gage wanted to meet us there, but the 'duh' moment hit me when, she probably shouldn't take him out and get him all sick as surgery day approaches for him. so instead she's coming to our house tomorrow. i'm excited to see her again. we've not seen each other in WAY too long. my girls were sick and we did not want to get gage sick before surgery. but now the girls are better, and gage can come over to play. and i can 'catch up' with chantae. especially because things may be getting a bit busier in the next few weeks. just a bit...right!?! sometimes i begin wondering if i'm 'ready' for this baby...oh i'm ready for it to come out...but then again isn't it just a bit easier still inside!?!? lol. i know crazy. because i can like hold my legs together to keep it in or something...nope. not gonna try that.

my sister is coming tomorrow after work too. so we'll have a full day of visitors. i'm assuming gage and his mommy will leave after nathan gets home from work. so then it'll be a little while and my sister will probably be here. we're making the people to put up by their wedding cake. i'm using the paper doll cartridge with the cricut. they are turning out SO cute. i have the dresses and shoes and shawls cut out of the girls. now they need some hair and faces drawn on them.

last night the girls were coloring. then amelya hands me her paper and says...what does this say? i just saw some random letters written on the page. i asked her to tell me what it says...she said it said i love you. well i told her the word that it did make, which was "mernmv" and then i told her the letters to spell i love you. and she wrote them all. and it says 'i love you'. my little girl is not so little.

well i suppose. caitlyn is awake from her nap, from the sounds of it, she may be up there pooping. poor baby. later gators.

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