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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an update...finally...

well it's late, but blogger was not working earlier. and now that it is i figured i might as well fill you all in on our fun weekend, and caitlyn's dr. appt.

the drive out friday was beautiful. seeing all the fall colors from wisconsin to minnesota. overall the drive was uneventful. i did freak a little crossing over the mississippi, and am very thankful i live in a time period of bridges and automobiles!! we found rochester no problem, thanks to the gps. rochester is a beautiful 'big' city. shaun and i both loved it. it didn't feel rushed or crazy or anything. (on a side note, shaun wants to now move to minnesota, in my mom's words "i'm sure he'll miss you guys". lol) we grabbed some supper at an applebee's in one of the malls in rochester. and then walked around the mall. typical mall, although smaller than the one we go to in appleton.

saturday was the wedding day. we didn't have to leave til later in the afternoon so we drove around rochester and since i was having awful heartburn and FORGOT the rolaids, we stopped at not just a target, but a SUPER target. we don't have one around us! i LOVE super target. and now i WANT a super target. we walked around checking out the 'superness' of it all. and bought my rolaids. i also bought the travel sized stuff of the things i'll need for when i have the baby. i figured as long as i was there...but now that i think of it, it was kind of goofy, because sales tax in mn is seven percent. wi is only five. oh well. after super target, and eating at chipotle...which was super yummy... we headed north towards the wedding site. we stopped in zumbrota to find the place where the reception was going to be. and we saw the 'last covered bridge' in minnesota. it was fun to see, and of course just fun to relax and walk/waddle through the little park. then we headed more north towards kenyon. (or as shaun called it kenya, then he called zumbrota: zimbabwae...so not only was i in minnesota i also took a quick visit to africa...who would've thought it)

so the wedding. it was...interesting. i've never been to a wedding where the pastor tells you to open a book to 'follow' along. seriously he just read and filled in the blanks with names from the same book we followed along too. it didn't feel 'special' or different to me. i felt bad. only ONE time during the service did he pray by himself and not read the 'prayer' out of the book. i guess i'm not used to that. it was different. they did the receiving line the same way shaun and i did. they walked back in and let each row go singlely. i liked that. of course i did, that's how we did it!! i think it's a bit more personal, and the people who don't want to wait can sneak out. i personally do not like recieving lines at weddings. especially of those who i don't know that well. i'll do anything to sneak out of one. derrick was super excited to see shaun. i was blessed by that. there were some other guys in the wedding shaun graduated with and i think he enjoyed catching up a bit with them. the dinner and reception went well. my only complaint...it was a buffet style. that is so hard to do. i'm glad we didn't have the girls...that would've been super hard. but the food was yummy, and the cake was sort of comparable to 'grandma hoerth' cake. we stayed for a bit of the dance. and i got to slow dance with shaun. it was nice, and difficult, all at the same time. do you know how hard it is to slow dance and attempt to get close when you're nine months pregnant?!? it's hard. we got back to our hotel at 1030ish and both fell asleep watching our free movie we got... romantic huh? the night before was a bit better...lol...i leave it at that. tmi...i'm sure. but you'll deal.

sunday we went to calvary chapel rochester. oh it was so nice. it was just like church here at home. it is a small fellowship, just like ours, and every one was so warm and welcoming. we totally felt like we belonged and weren't just visitors. church was good, and it was nice to actually feel god's presence in the church. we were referred to the 'canadian honker' restuarant to grab some lunch before heading home...and it was a yummy place to eat at. we each had a 'honker of a burger' and of course wisconsin cheese curds, that were better in minnesota than i've ever had in wisconsin. with full bellies we headed home...after filling up with gas at 2.87. (it went up since we had gotten there...lol)

it was nice to be away with shaun, but i was so excited to see my girlies again. when we got to shaun's mom's they really could've cared less. made me feel bad a little. but i know they were excited inside...at least they better have been!!

monday, yesterday, was caitlyn's dr's visit. it went pretty good. the doctor thinks her anus is definitely too close to her vagina. right now they upped her miralax and we have to get her to poop every day. he checked her and she isn't 'too tight' so we're trying basically to 'train' her pooper to poop where it is at. we have to have an ultrasound done of her abdomen and see the dr again in november. yesterday he told us he would also talk to the surgeons to see what they thought. today i got a message saying that we had to drive, back to madison..yuck..not a big city i'd want to live in...way too busy..., and meet with the dr and a surgeon in november. so surgery isn't definite, but a possibility. today she had a major bm and major issues. even with upping the miralax. so we'll see. i'm going to keep record of it, so i can help the drs out a little with making their decisions on surgery and whatnot. so we just keep trusting in the lord to take care of it all. his plan is better than mine. i'll be sure to keep you updated. :)

i had awful braxton hicks contractions on the way home from madison yesterday. it was no fun being in the car and SO uncomfortable. they went away after an hour or so. then tonight they came back even worse. i'm SO looking forward to being in real labor and having this baby...only _____ days left. like i'm telling! i did tell shaun today, i don't care if this baby decides to come tonight, or tomorrow, whenever it wants is fine with me. or i'll just wait til the 'big day'. i'd rather wait til then, because the babysitting stuff for the other girls is all planned, but you know god has a sense of humor and doesn't always follow MY plans...lol..so whatever. i'm just getting ready to meet this baby on the outside and not feel the kicks, punches and rolling overs on the inside.

today the girls had dance. and breigh did it...all by herself. she walked in. no coaxing needed. and she and the other girl, ava, played together before class officially started. i'm so proud. amelya learned some new things. and is the budding ballerina. they were measured for their recital costumes too. ohhh i can't wait!! after dance we went to the mall, picked up the pictures from the belly shots. and then the girls played. and i didn't BUY anything at the mall. yay for me. we went to the chiro. who totally helped my aching back. and my sister came over to work on stuff for the wedding. we're getting down there, and my goal is to have the stuff finished before baby d arrives. we're heading on that track well.

tomorrow is story time. thursday is nothing. and friday i have a dr. appt. then saturday i'm going with a friend to appleton. sunday is church...and then it's next week already. and maybe i'll give a hint...i just may be having this baby some day next week...but then again it could be that next week too. oh you'll just have to wait. :0)

oh alright. i'm tired. you're bored. let's just call it a night. good night. sweet dreams. hope you're not sleeping with any bed bugs...even though the disgusting truth is...you probably are! yuck. okay done. i'm tired. then i start getting weirder....

3 loving words from you.:

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Oh Gee Whiz! I just typed you the longest comment ever-----and then POOF! my power flickered and my computer restarted! AUGHHHH!!!
Anyway, to try to sum up what I said (in less words) I said
Hi! Nice to "meet" you! You left a comment on my blog so wanted to come over and see what you were all about! I'm still trying to figure out if you found me by searching the word "poop" or by searching for people who love "anything by Karen Kingsbury". Apparently we have a lot in common!
I loved reading your post and even though I don't know you...I enjoyed every word! I love it that you and your hubby got to spend a weekend away and even got to share a slow dance! How important that stuff is when your surrounded by little ones and busy schedules!
Also...I am with you on LOVING Super Target! The only thing I hate is that I want to buy EVERYTHING!! :o)
I will be in agreement with you that you will have clarity and peace about what to do for your daughter and that the doctors will be led of the Lord!
I also loved your comment about buying the travel supplies in the town with the higher sales tax. That totally sounds like something I would have done and then said DUH!!! about later!!haha
LOVE your blog layout and all the cool little gadgets and thingamabobs you have on here (Especially that little box of text above this comment box! how cool!)
Okay, I think that's pretty much what I had written--in a nutshell!
I will definitely put you on my "favorites list" so I can come back and read more! Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

lemnwedg said...

Hi, just wanted to take the time to say hello! I love your blog! I've been reading for a few weeks. I just commented today. I hope that you have the baby next week. I know you will so happy to have her here.

BTW, you have a beautiful family!

Jessi Dawn said...

Hello fellow pregnant mommy of (almost) four! So glad your weekend was super fun.

May God heal your baby girl and/or give the doctors supernatural wisdom and knowledge in their decision and advice. And may God give you and your family comfort as you walk this road.