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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dishes in the sink and laundry to do...

...BUT my girlies aren't home and dustin is sleeping...soooo i can BLOG. lol.
shaun's sister picked up the girls for the appleton christmas parade. i thought she was going to take the older two...but took all three! cool. i'm sure they'll enjoy it. i've never been to the parade, we keep having babies who are too little to go. so lord willing next year we won't have a little baby and i can go. now we'll see if it happens.
i think and that's a BIG think we'll have one more baby. lol. i know dustin is a month old and we're thinking about NUMBER FIVE!! my only 'fear' is that we'll try for 'one more' and have twins. now twins would be fine. but SIX kids sounds crazy. but most people already think we are crazy anyways. might as well prove them right. lol. but then...okay i've been thinking too much...if we have twins i have a dilemma. do i name them both 'e' names or do an 'e' and an 'f' name. i know. crazy. not only am i thinking about more babies but stressing about their names!! and then i think 'f' name. hmmm. f is kind of a hard letter to think of names for. the only one i have thought of so far for a girl is fiona. and i don't know if i'd 'go' with that. it's the only one i've thought of. have yet to be as crazy as crazy can be and look in the baby name book though. lol. i probably will eventually.
for 'e' names. IF we have another baby and IF it's a girl...two big IF'S. i'd have to go with emily. but spell it emilee. only because i've always LOVED the name. and i already have a cousin named emily. and i'm breaking my 'naming my kid someone else's name in our family rule' but i LOVE the name. i've thought in the past of 'emma leigh' but emma is just too popular. because emily isn't. ha. but i love emilee spelled that way. so that's what it would be.
a boy name you ask? well i really like elijah. i also like eli. so i'm posed with the issue of naming him elijah and calling him eli. or just naming him eli. because with amelya we picked amelya but were going to call her mya (pronounced me-a) well after she was born i hated mya. i wanted amelya and amelya only. so that's what happened. so i don't want to say we're naming them this but calling them that. because it may very well NOT happen.
it's funny though because breigh we call breigh-breigh...don't even know how that started. it did and it stuck. caitlyn is called caity sometimes...or cakey or caker baker or caity bug. i call her caity bug a lot. dustin is dustin. nothing else. i don't care for dusty. and actually stopped my mom from calling him that. i felt bad for 'yelling' at her. but i don't want him to be called dusty. i like dustin and that's that. and poor amelya is just that amelya. lol. because it's a bad thing. i call her amelya bedelia sometimes. but not a lot. oh well. it's a beautiful name.
she was named after my grandma who i was so very close to. i miss my grandma a lot. she was our baby-sitter, no day care, just grandma's house. and we had so many special times with her and my grandpa. sometimes i hate that i'm not that close to my other grandparents.
my other grandparents are, well, i don't even know what to say. they can be nice, but also very rude and even mean. my dad has not shared a lot of his childhood with me. but one thing i do know is that my dad had to call the cops to the house a NUMBER of times on my grandpa because he was hurting my grandma. he was/is...it's more like is...and alcoholic. probably wouldn't admit to it, but he is. he can be nice, but it almost seems like a 'fake nice'. i love them the best i can, and because god tells us to love everyone. but really they make it hard to do sometimes. so i know a lot of 'stuff' has gone on in their family, most i probably don't even want to know. but i'm led to believe my grandma was as nice as her mom, brother and sisters are, but then married my grandpa and he turned her into a 'hard' person. we got an anniversary card from them this year too. i was amazed. it was a really nice thing. and i was actually very touched that they remembered. so see...they do things like that, but then say rude things like "you look pretty good for just having a baby". so who knows. all i know is that i'll keep loving on them, praying that they will turn to christ and praying that they see the light of christ through me.
this week at church priscilla, the pastor's wife, announced they want to 're-vamp' children's church. i'm so excited for that. for those of you who don't know we currently attend a home based church, calvary chapel new holstein:hungry hearts ministry. right now children's church is held in a sunroom off the back of the garage. church is held in the basement. but they want to redo something in the house for the kids. i'm so excited. priscilla said she wants the kids to all be excited to go to church and sad when they leave. and then we can pray that the 'hunger' for that stays as they get bigger. i know the girls enjoy church a lot already and will so be enjoying church even more after the 'revamp'. i love our small fellowship. although it's growing as of recently. friends of ours and their two kids have started coming. it's been awesome to see the growth in them already. and their daughters fit well with ours. amelya and breigh love seeing maddie even more than they already do. and maddie loves seeing 'breigha' she calls them that. they are 'one' name and 'two' people. lol. we've also had a few other 'new faces' lately. and they're the 'younger generation' so it is nice to have people more our age at church too. i'm so excited to see god work through our small fellowship and who knows maybe some day provide a building to have church in. but i must say it'd be weird to go to church and not hear a dryer running occasionally or water running through the plumbing above our heads. :0) serious. it would be weird. we attended a calvary in appleton until we moved services here to sundays. i loved attending appleton's service too, so i was sad to quit going, but it's nice to be a bit closer to home too. so any of ya'll out there who are close and wanna check out our basement church please feel welcome to come!! there are always open chairs. :0) serious. come. you'll wanna come back.
my sister gave me her photographer's cd of their wedding pics. i've edited some. oh it's fun. i think because dustin is still sleeping...and the dishes and laundry will STILL be there later...i'm going to edit some more. so toodles. and make sure you check out my other post from today if you're still looking for some gifts for someone or you!! :0) thanks. loves loves and more loves.

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-stephanie- said...

Do you ever stop to breathe? That's a lot to post. When the kiddies are away, Amanda will play. I never noticed that your kids names are ABCD. cute. and then to go on about having others.... whew!
We're staying home and watching the parade on t.v. Too crowded for me. It's a beautiful night for it though. Not too cold.
If you are talking about Calvary Chapel on Newberry, I used to go there on Wed. nights. We don't live very far from there. I know lots of people who are leaving church buildings and having home church. As long as the Word is being preached, go for it. Yours sounds nice.
Enjoy your "alone" time.

-stephanie- said...

We go to Fox Valley Christian Fellowship in Kimberly. It's straight down Newberry, that turns into Kimberly Ave. I also go to a great bible study on Thursday afternoons with friends. Boy, they sure know how to dig into the bible. I really look up to them.
The parade was nice. Hope you saw your kiddies.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if you will notice this post since it's so late, but i didn't get to read while gage was in the hospital.
anyway, about baby number 5...you are not crazy for having another one..but crazy for already thinking about it! =) dustin is only a month! you crack me up! anyway, i thought that you'd never have an odd number...so wouldn't that mean you and shauners are having TWO more kids?!?! and not that you're asking me, but i think that if you would have twins each kid is their own unique person and so the alphabet should continue...e and f...like normal since there aren't any double letters. ;) i sorta like eli too! not on the top of our list so don't worry, i won't steal it! alright, back to reading your posts that i missed...chantae