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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

you know you wanna...

...at least i'd love it if you did.

for those of you who don't know. i am a lia sophia advisor. since having dustin i have yet to do a home show. because of being 'inactive' for a few months i'm about to lose my 'active' status. which just means they quit sending me things. i plan on 're-starting' my business after the first of the year...BUT need to send in something before the end of fiscal December...

soooo that's where you all, my friends??, come in. i know that most of you don't even live near or by me...but i'd love any and all orders. for anyone who does order far far away...i'll send you your order...at my cost. and how's this...the person who places an order from the furthest distance...we'll win a prize!! how's a $20 gift certificate for lia sophia sound??

here's the "rules"
i'd like all orders before december 10th, my website says the 6th, but really i'll give you a few more days than that.
so your order, if you place an order over $40 you'll get $5 off your order. for every $50 you order, you'll go in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate...so order from furthest away AND over $50 and you'll be in for TWO drawings...woo hoo...
the customer special is buy TWO get FOUR at HALF OFF!! even better. so if you aren't familiar with lia sophia...it's your most EXPENSIVE items at HALF. how fun is THAT?!?
now i could send you a book if you need one just email me (amoschel@msn.com) your address and i'll send you one. or check out my website for the current catalog.
anyone interested in booking a show? i need shows for January and February...book a show and get another $5 off of your order. don't live by me...have a book show...you get the same great deals and still save the money.

so come on...you know you have SOMEONE, or YOURSELF...who could use some new jewelry. and as always with lia sophia...it's a lifetime replacement guarantee...that's awesome.

oh...and leave me a comment saying you talked about my little 'deal' and i'll give you $5 off your order automatically...

i really don't want to seem pushy...so i hope i wasn't. i know that there are those of you out there who would LOVE to order and can't. no biggie. just praying that you'd consider it...or leave that hubby of yours a hint. :0) any one needing gift wrapping?? i can do that too.

i appreciate your 'putting' up with this little 'plug' of mine. and appreciate any support you can give me. thanks so much...amanda

3 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

I was SO going to email you tonight asking if you could bring a Lia Sophia catalog with you to Thanksgiving because I returned some jewlery a while ago and have some 'money' to spend. As well, I'm thinking about getting Jay's mom something... and with the great buy two get four at half deal going on... You know, Stevens Point is a ways away from Chilton... maybe I can win furthest order, lol! Anyways, see you at Thanksgiving! Btw, loving the new three column look!

Anonymous said...

next time we actually talk bring jewelry up, i have a question to see if something would work..and i'd like to see a book if it does just b/c i know i liked some of the purple and black stuff when you opened at my house and i have a black shirt to wear it with now! lol

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVE Lia Sophia jewelry. Each piece that I own (that I've not lost) is beautiful and has held up wonderfully. Wish I had the $ to order, but now that I know you sell it, I'll keep you in mind the next time...okay; I'll go look...just a peek!