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Monday, November 24, 2008

the post you've been waiting for...

...i just know it. lol. right.

so...our 'date' went well the other night. shaun's sister came and got the girls around four. and we left by five. shaun wanted to go to fleet farm, and i was excited because then we could walk around the toy aisle. i must say i felt pretty OVERDRESSED for fleet farm though. oh well. i found a puzzle for the girls. it's a leap frog puzzle, but it is of the ballet positions. so i got it for them, amelya learns them during her class. PLUS it was only 3.50!

i fed dustin before we at in the FF parking lot. and he was such a champ and waited til we were out of the melting pot to eat again. shaun enjoyed his first trip...hopefully not the last...we started out with the fiesta cheese fondue. yummy. we ordered it medium...it was more like HOT. but still good. and then salad. i don't eat salad. i'll leave grass for the cows...but they gave me a 'fruit salad' of strawberries and bananas. my two favs. the we did the 'main course' with out the shrimp. i also tried salmon...pretty good. and the curry dipping sauce. which was also good. and of course the green goddess dipping stuff for the potatoes...always yummy. and then of course dessert. we picked the 'original' which is just chocolate with chunky peanut butter. well shaun wasn't too keen on that...so i pretty much ate it all myself. yep. oh well. it was good. and then they had this 'offer' if you donated a minimum of 10 dollars to the st. jude hospital you got a 20 gift card to come back next year. so DUH. we did it. you have to use it between sunday to thursday. so ladies night anyone??!!?? shaun didn't get as excited as i do about going back, but it wasn't out of the question. so that's promising!!

yesterday we ate out with my mom's family for thanksgiving. it was a buffet in new holstein. it was pretty good. it was nicer to see my aunt who didn't make it to my sister's wedding. we don't see her that often, so it's always nice to see her. she kind of has the mean ole hubby (seriously though...i wish i weren't) who is too 'controlling' to let her come to our annual girls' weekend up north. i mean seriously what does he think is going to happen? i just don't understand. anywho. i also got to see the proofs from my sister's wedding...wanna see them too?? head on over to her photographer's site then click on on-line albums and find Kolbe Wedding. the password is AG1108C. and you do have to keep it in all capital letters.

so then yesterday we came home and did nothing. i took a nap...a much needed one. and so did shaun. the younger three were sleeping and amelya watch the barbie christmas movie. which i was so happy to see (it was like her second time watching it) that there is no santa in it. for those of you who don't know. we don't 'do' santa. i firmly believe in doing my best to not lie to my children. santa, well he's a lie. and sure it's maybe a 'small' one. but if i can lie about that, what will they think of the 'big' stuff. so that's that. plus i want them to truly know the meaning behind christmas and not confuse them with some big ole guy in a red suit. jesus is the reason we celebrate christmas and give each other gifts. i'm also thinking this year about making a birthday cake or cupcakes to help them celebrate. we'll see just how ambitious i am.

so today was mom's group. we spent most of the time chatting about this or that. but it's nice to get together and chat. and learn from each other, and ask each other for advice. plus i never realized until today that i never shared shaun's port a pot story with sherry. never heard it either. check out this post. it's a funny funny story. my poor husband. lol. and we've never heard anything about it either so we're stuck paying for it ourselves. argh. that stinks. good thing shaun has a truck that's old. but it still looks funny with no grill on it. yesterday he said he's going to try to make one himself. good thing he's handy like that.

so i suppose. i have some stuff to pick up. i've been doing my best to pick up the house every day. so that shaun comes home to a clean house. now i know i've mentioned before there are certain rooms in my house you WILL NOT see, but the ones that are seen, are usually clean for him. i feel or rather have felt lately that he should come home to a clean house. he works all day and is stressed sometimes at work, and i don't want him to feel even more overwhelmed at a messy house. the girls have been good at helping me too. so it's fun. and it actually makes me feel a bit less overwhelmed when i have a clean house...so maybe it's for both our benefits....til next time..behave. :0)

5 loving words from you.:

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OMG what a GORGEOUS family you have!

-stephanie- said...

We don't do Santa either.
I'm off to look at wedding pictures.

Rachel said...

Good for you going out to dinner!!! Even if you did have the little man with you...I LOVE The Melting Pot but we don't have one in my area. :(

Anonymous said...

did i hear mention of a girls night at the melting pot??!?!!?!
glad you two(3) had such a nice time for your anniversary! how in the world could shaun not have liked the choc with peanut butter dessert dip?!?! it's the yummiest! the reason i go! lol boys!

Anonymous said...

i tried to look at amy's pics, but the link doesn't work..what's her photographers name or website?