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Thursday, November 20, 2008

please keep praying...

well i don't have much time. the kiddos' desk needs some organization, and even though lunch was HOURS ago...i still need to pick that up.

but my friend, chantae, son gage is having surgery today. while i type. please keep praying for him if you already are, and start if you haven't been. :) his site is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mittelstaedt
so far today surgery has been going well. PRAISE THE LORD!!

thanks so much my blogging buddies for your prayers for him.

so now..off to that desk and lunch...because since i've been busy 're-doing' my blog i've got to get off the computer...speaking of 'redoing' how do i get three columns...without re adding all my widgets and such?!? anyone?!? thanks. loves to you all!

1 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

since it's Friday, I missed praying for his surgery, but I can pray for his recovery.
Love your new header and pictures. Quite the beautiful family.