i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Friday, November 21, 2008

praising god!

go check out gage's story. (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mittelstaedt) if you haven't already. surgery went great yesterday. and he is now in the PICU at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. isn't our god so great!?!

that's what He's been showing me this week. how great. how perfect. how wonderful. that he truly is. and it just isn't sometimes...it's ALL the time. even when i'm feeling kind yucky and tubby...he's telling me how he made me wonderfully perfect and how beautiful i am. he knows each strand of hair on my head and his thoughts of me are like the number of grains of sand. that's a lot. and i think i must be pretty beautiful.

i've been struggling with feeling that way. I KNOW I KNOW. i just had a baby, almost a month ago, but i still feel all fat and yucky. i HATE feeling that way. i keep trying to get the enemies thoughts out of my head, but my friends, it is SO hard. i won't lie. it is hard.
BUT god.
i have to remember that.
BUT god.
BUT god makes it easier.
BUT god wins.
BUT god is good.
and then i start feeling a bit better.
because all of those things are so very true. and so very good.

well gage's super good at journaling mommy, just update while i was typing this, and it looks like gage is doing great this morning. but just keep them in your prayers. because he has a recovery ahead of him. i know chantae told me they were originally thinking about a week to week and a half down at the hospital. so that means thanksgiving in the hospital. but what a thankful thanksgiving it will be.

so today is another 'lazy' day. we have to return movies later. and then i'm going to take the kiddos by my mom and dad's for a bit. my dad won't be there, but they love seeing grandma. plus it's nice to chat with my mommy. lol. don't know the last time i called her that! lol.

tomorrow is our anniversary. FIVE YEARS! wow. god is so good. we've been through A LOT in the five years we've been together. but it's all good, even the bad stuff. i shared our 'how we got together story' awhile back. here's a link to it. http://aproudmommyof4.blogspot.com/2008/05/tuesday-already.html
i'm super excited to be going to the melting pot tomorrow. it's always fun to get all dressed up. for me anyways. i'm just hoping i can find something to wear.

well dustin is awake. and hungry. so that's it for me right now. toodles and have a super fun happy beautiful day.

3 loving words from you.:

Beth said...

Glad everything went well with Gabe!

I can totally relate to the tubby feeling - esp after a baby...Don't know what else to say about it! I'm not looking forward to that part in a few weeks!

Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

Happy 5 Year Anniversary tomorrow! Hope you have a fab time at The Melting Pot and the enjoy the time with your sweetie!

Jill said...

Wonderful news!
Happy early anniversary! 4 babies and five years of marriage...I thought our lives were crazy with 2babies within three years of our wedding. You are amazing!