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Saturday, November 22, 2008


just have a quick minute. chantae update gage's site last night a little before midnight informing us for the need for prayer. gage had a seizure around nine last night. he seems to be responsive, but needs prayer. go check out gage's site and get the latest updates. (i figured out how to link the words. woo hoo.)

and ALSO MckMama is holding a 'fryday' contest and i wanted to enter. all i have to do is mention it, and link back to her. so i'm mentioning it. why don't YOU go check it out too.

so happy anniversary to me and shaun today. can't forget that!! lol. did you read our little how we met story yet?!? check it out here if you haven't yet. and for those of you 'new' to my blog and want to read my 'intro' why don't you check it out here lol. wow lots of links huh?? and sorry i didn't go back and edit my intro story because...well i'm too lazy right now. it's a big ole paragraph. actually a lot of my earlier posts are. so be thankful I got sick of it. lol. it's funny to read what i wrote though. like how we weren't finding out the sex of our baby (we did) and how we're 'done' having kids (we MAY NOT be) lol.

anywho. i would love to write this big ole romantic story about me and shaun and how he proposed and how romantic it was. truth is. it wasn't romantic. there really isn't a 'story'. so i won't, or really can't. i left him out a card today. with a 10 page note. he he he. as you all know i love to babble and wrote him over two days. oh well. gave him a good read this morning before work anyway. now i feel safe to say after work he'll be heading to wally world to get me MY card. it irritates me a little that it's always the DAY OF that he gets everything. maybe irritates is a bad word. but it does bug me. i don't know why really. it's not like our anniversary (or valentine's day or sweetest day or mother's day) changes every year (okay mother's day DATE does but it's still the same sunday) and these dates don't just 'appear' from no where. maybe it's a guy thing. i don't know. irritating nonetheless.

alright. i'm done. i'm tired. i feel crabby. and i don't know why. i don't want to feel this way today!! the girls' are sleeping over at shaun's sisters tonight. because our reservations aren't until 645 she asked if she should just keep them. so SURE!! she can. it'll be nice for me because shaun works tomorrow and i won't have to worry about getting them ready if he gets home close to when we have to leave for church. yay! alright, like i said before i am done now. toodles.

2 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

Happy Anniversary! have a great time tonight.
I hear you on the "get the card on the same day as the occasion" thing. I hate that. I tell my husband, that if he has to get the card on the same day, then don't bother.
Don't be crabby, sounds like satan is trying to ruin your day. God is bigger, and I ask that He kicks satans butt out of your life today. In Jesus' Name. amen.

Mrs4444 said...

Happy Anniversary; I'm very happy for anyone who is so in love. Ain't love grand?! Our engagement story is not romantic, either; I practically dragged Mr.4444 down the aisle after six years. Lucky for him I did so, because he always tells people he won the "Wife Lottery." Such a BSr! :)

BTW-Your blog is beautiful.