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Saturday, November 29, 2008

lazy day

saturday is a lazy day at our house. i got to 'sleep in' til seven. which really isn't sleeping in at all. but shaun got up with breigh and amelya at 7:10 and i got to sleep til 7:21 when dustin woke up. so i guess it's sleeping in compared to shaun...who is now sleeping with breigh on the couch. so not fair!!

so if you follow my twitter, and if you don't WHY NOT?!? lol. but anywho dustin, my FIVE WEEK old son ROLLED OFF HIS BELLY on thursday. i COULD NOT believe it. he made it look so easy. i was just in shock as i looked into his blue eyes while he layed on his back. he hasn't been on his belly much since, so it may have just been a 'fluke' but i don't know. he is a mover and a shaker. so for now i'm just a proud little momma.

we spent thursday evening at my aunt and uncle's house for thanksgiving. it was a nice little get together. except for a comment my grandpa made. argh. we get there and he wants breigh to come by him IMMEDIATELY...well if he would KNOW my children he would've KNOWN that they are shy at first...and amelya usually stays shy, breigh warms up...at least he went after her. so anyways THIS is what he said. 'well they only see me twice a year.' ahhh. so NOT true. in the past MONTH this is the THIRD TIME they have seen HIM!! so unless a year is only 30 days... ahh. god kept my mouth shut and i didn't say anything. my mom took breigh over there and he grabbed breigh OFF MY MOM'S lap and made her sit on his. she whined the whole time, til he finally put her down...and she RAN TO ME. ahh. i felt so bad. i understand that maybe he doesn't see them as much as he likes, BUT he knows where we live and he knows my number if he'd like to have us over for a visit. there are some underlying issues why i just don't visit myself...i don't feel like going into ALL of them right now. but we've never been close to those grandparents. first off they make it hard to get close to them. i just keep trying my best to love them like god wants me to. and i will admit, those are a few of the people i struggle to 'love' how i should. and truthfully after christmas they do see my kids less, and me less i guess...but it's their own faults. THEY quit doing something for my great-grandma's birthday/easter and THEY quit having everyone over for father's day. SOOOO when would he expect to see us then. i just don't know. sorry rant all about this, but this is my blog and that's what i wanted to do. :0)
so we didn't get home til late thursday. shaun had to work in the morning thursday and then friday he put in a well over full day, like 12 hours...that's a different rant...

friday me and my mom and sister, and dustin, went shopping. i got the girls almost completely done. i also got a few other things for some other people. it was a nice day shopping. we met up with my grandma and aunt for lunch and a couple of storse too. where did we eat? oh that's right HU HOT. yum. i so love that place. my super great friend melissa watched the girls for me. i didn't ask her until late thursday afternoon and she said yes! i was so grateful for her to watch them, otherwise i wasn't going to be able to go. the girls had fun at maddie's house. i feel bad though because amelya wouldn't talk to melissa all day. melissa said that amelya said about two words all day. ahhh my shy child. but i guess i'd rather have her be quiet than crying. i also paid a baby sitter for the FIRST time yesterday. lol. when i asked melissa to watch them i told her i was going to pay her. i didn't know exactally WHAT to pay. but she watched all three of my girls, ages 3, 2, and 1. and then her girls are 2 and about 9 months. she watched them from about nineish until almost 630. so that's a FULL day. i figured that 100 bucks would do. so that's what i paid. now mind you most of the time family can baby-sit so i don't need you all lined up at my door wanting to watch my kids next time. lol. i'm sure 100 bucks was a little more than i should've paid. BUT it was last minute and ALL day. AND i was SO SO SO grateful to have someone i trusted watch my girls. that's the major thing.

oh guess what?!?! i started picking up the girls' room. i have all of caitlyn's clothes in a DRESSER not piles on the floor. woo hoo. i have most of breigh's clothes separated in to piles of winter and summer stuff. i'm getting there. and this is way sooner than my ONE YEAR goal i gave myself of getting my ENTIRE house presentable. now i guess there are three other rooms that need 'work' but this is a start. we're going to get breigh a toddler bed tonight. she picked a dora one out online. so that's what we're going to get her. i'm a little nervous that she'll quit taking naps though. that's when amelya quit napping, when we moved her into a toddler bed. but we'll see. then caitlyn will take breigh's crib. and then when dustin is ready to move out of the bassinet he'll get the extra crib we have. that also means shaun will have to clean out his bedroom. yep i said his bedroom...as in the one from when he was a kid, well actually he slept in it up until the night before we were married. so it needs a bit of cleaning out. he worked on it awhile back, but now it has some more stuff in it and needs some more work. that room will be dustin's room. and IF IF IF we have anymore babies and it's a boy it'll be 'their' room. and IF IF IF we have any moer babies and it's a girl...i think we'll be moving out of our room and having the four girls share a room...ahh i'm talking about more babies again...

monday i have my six week check up. maybe that's why babies are coming up. because that'll be when i REALLY need to think about our 'plan of attack'. i've researched and know for sure an IUD will not be an option. an IUD KILLS any fertilized egg. if we go on birth control and i would end up pregnant...i would WANT the baby. not want it 'killed'. so that's where i'm at with that for now. i don't know. the fertility awareness plan looks good...but ummm self control isn't so good on this end. :0) tmi. sorry. but how else do you think we got dustin. ONE TIME out of TWO that nothing was used. i figured it out a 33% chance we had. umm yeah. again tmi. sorry.

well i suppose. we're going to be leaving soon. soo i'll leave you now before i go into more information. lol. we're celebrating thanksgiving with shaun's mom and sisters tomorrow...so i'll probably see you again for not me monday. woo hoo. i've thought of some good ones this week. if i can remember them for monday? we'll see.

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Ashley said...

i definetly hear you on the whole grandparents thing. i didn't really see them try and 'get at' ayden, but that's not to say they didn't try. i've seen it before, get right up in his face... and like you said with breigh, it takes ayden a while to warm up to people. whatever though, cannot expect them to be perfect. it was nice seeing you, shaun, and the kiddos on thursday!