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Thursday, November 27, 2008

short sweet gotta love it.

happy turkey day...it's still that yet. so my friend posted and said the pics didn't work for

amy's photos so trying it again. password is AG11808C and it's under Kolbe wedding. anywho. that's all i really wanted. we had a busy day, kind of. and i'm tired now. plus i'm crazy and going shopping tomorrow with my mom and sister. the girls are going by 'maddie's house' and i'm bringing dustin along...with nursing it's just easier. so i guess that's all. short and sweet. gotta love it. :0) oh wait...GAGE IS HOME!! woo hoo. praise the lord. alright now that's all.

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Beth said...

glad you had a nice day! it didn't feel like thanksgiving to me - my husband had to work - but the girls had a blast playing with some cousins who they rarely get to see (and there are 3 girls - all within 6 months of age, 1 boy a year older, 1 girl a year younger and another girl two years younger - in case you lost count - that's 3 girls at 3 years, 1 boy at 4 years, 1 girl at 2 years and 1 girl at 1 year!) They had the MOST fun!!

I too went out shopping yesterday!! But the girls stayed with Nana and Pop - I don't think I could have done it with them in tow! Just hubby and I - we had such a good time and I'm DONE with my Christmas shopping - it is all wrapped and under the tree!!!

Now just waiting for baby #3 to arrive!