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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the biggest loser commentary you've been waiting for. :0)

good morning.

while i have a quick second i am leaving you with my feelings on biggest loser...so off we go. first off i was a teeny tiny bit surprised that america picked ed. now i want to know...did we do it to just spite him? or did we do it because we thought he had the better chance? no i shouldn't say 'we' because i didn't vote, mainly because like my friend jen, i didn't care. and quite honestly i probably would've voted for ed. to spite them. and well that isn't very christian like and therefore i withheld my vote because i would've been voting with my 'flesh'. but wow did they look great! i hope they can get preggo soon and start that family they've been wanting and waiting and working for.

for the 'kicked' out contestants. i was kind of disappointed in the tom sr and jr team. i think if they would've worked really hard, they could've lost more weight and possibly won. but at least they lost weight and i'm hoping they keep it up. adam and stacey looked great. renee! she look fantastic...except for the hair. i liked the short bob haircut better on her. honestly i think the shorter short hair made her look older. but she still looked fantastic weight wise. shellay and amy looked great too. amy looked so cute. she is the type of person who you just want to squeeze because she's so cute. and so confident. you could see it in her. i'm so happy for her. did you notice as the season went on she started wearing her glasses less and less. i think she did that because she wasn't 'hiding' behind them anymore. i could be wrong. phil and amy looked so good too. you wouldn't guess that was the same guy! and she almost won. colleen and her dad, right now i can't think of his name, but at any rate. he lost 24 years of life by being on the show. in a GOOD way. his 'age' of his body was over 70 and now it is down to 52. awesome. and he looked awesome. for sure a cop i might be afraid of. if i ever did anything that warrented a cop checking me out anyways. don't think i have to worry. colleen looked fantastic too. brady looked great. and good thing he got those braces off...that were like the invisible kind so like it mattered. boys are weird. okay i think i covered all of them...

...now for vicky. i have to admit she looked good. and she worked hard. but i am SO happy she didn't win. and michelle. yay michelle. she looked so cute! and she worked hard too. when ali said she had to lose 100 pounds i KNEW she had it in the bag. and she did. 110 pounds. she deserved it. and also because i don't think ed and heba deserved the 350000. now i am wondering i didn't look at the percentages. but i know ed wouldn't have won the 10000 but would heba have won the 250000? i'm sure they looked and they know. but seriously if they aren't happy with winning the 100000 i'll take it. gladly. i'd even take half that.

now for the clothes. i have not seen so many boobs in my life! why must they think they have to squish and squash their boobs all out of their dresses?!? it drives me crazy. good thing shaun didn't get home til amost eight and missed most of the boobs hanging out. i don't need my husband having to be tempted like that. and i know he's a man and human and may just look. so cover those girlies up! please. because I DON'T wanna see them either. there are ways to look confident and even sexy with out all that flesh and cleavage hanging in my face.

so story time. i think we're going. well the plan is we are going. however miss caitlyn woke up around seven. and is sleeping again. and five to eight. so i don't know if i just went and got her too soon or if she's coming down with something. she didn't feel warm or have a fever. so i think i just got her too soon. and as far as story time goes i'll just reiterate to the girls how santa isn't real. he does not come to our house etc etc etc. and then they'll be fine. i don't think they all have seen a 'santa'. in 'real life'. so it'll be interesting. i'm also interested in what amelya will say about him or to him if the guy talks to her. we'll see how it goes. but thanks for the advice my friends! i love hearing it.

alright. now because caitlyn is napping and dustin is too, it gives me the perfect opportunity to shower! so off i go. but before i do...we're having another winter strom predicted for tomorrow night. winter storm dawn. who is claiming to bring six to ten inches of snow. good thing most of the ten-ish inches we got last week melted over the weekend. otherwise we'd have loads of it. and today is set to be warmer. yay. the past two days have been way below zero with windchills. and that is way cold. today i think it's supposed to be above zero. with a high of 15 according to my buddy pete petoniak. lol. so off i go to get clean and shower....

7 loving words from you.:

Jill said...

Love your review! I wondered the same thing abotu Heba...would she have won the whole thing? I can't remember her percentage, but I have a feeling that if she would have, that someone in the media would be talking about it today. :)

Lee said...

I should probably watch the show to understand the review, but I'm sure I would agree with everything that you said! Ha!

-stephanie- said...

I don't watch the show, but I laughed and understand about the too much boob showing.

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

I agree with your review too.
I was ecstatic Vicky did NOT win. She is a mean, hateful, spiteful person. I would have been happy with anyone winning except her!

momstheword said...

Hello! Well, I only watched the show once and now your review kind of makes me wished I'd watched it so I knew who you were talking about.

I only remember a dark-haired mother and daughter on the treadmill and the daughter was crying and Jillian (or whatever her name is) was kind of yelling at the daughter.

Boy, I'd be passed out on the floor, or dead, if I had to work out as hard as they do.

BTW, we never made Santa a big deal either and we told the kids that the presents came from us.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Heba would have won. Michelle had 45.45% and Heba had 46.(something)%. YEAH MICHELLE!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hooray! The review that I have been waiting for. You do not disappoint, my friend. I am glad that we agree on a couple of important points:

1) While I was not dedicated to the show the entire season and therefore did not develop the disdain for Vickie that you did, I thought she looked good. Glad that you agreed.

2) Um, what was with the gratuitous boobie shots? I know that they all just lost an insane amount of weight, but really? More than slightly disappointing. Women can look great and decent at the same time, America.

All in all, a great show. Thought of you the entire time!


PS: There are few things in life that rival a good shower when your kids are asleep. :)