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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

biggest loser

oh yay!

you all know what i'll be doing in about an hour and a half. plopping my tookie in front of the tv. for the biggest loser finale. where michelle better be showing off her tookie and taking the money. or heba. or ed. but please please please it better not be icky vicky. no no no no no. i really hope not.

so today was dance, brunch and chiro. and shopping at good ole fleet farm, where i did not buy pretzels thank you very much. bought presents. and i'm almost done christmas shopping. woo hoo. i also got to talk a friend on the way to the chiro. it was nice to chat with her and she accidentally called me. but i had to call her because i was a forgetful friend and forgot to bring a circle punch to her house this weekend. and i had to know if i really forgot or if i dreamt that she told me to bring it. turns out she did. oops! then when i got home my pocket accidentally called her, but i think i caught it before it rang. if not. sorry chantae.

it's the same friend i took pics of this weekend. and they revealed what they are having. but you all just have to wait...her dad hasn't quite got the card yet. and because i know everyone out there reads this...i'm not sharing. okay they don't read this. i don't think. but just in case you never quite know...i'm not telling! and miss chantae if you can figure out how to send me the pics that'd be great...because it'd be more fun to SHOW them instead of just telling them. :0) because you all care so much, right? it is exciting to be having a baby so i'm excited for her. and therefore because this is my blog and you're my reader...you are to be excited to. k? okay. that settles it.

tomorrow we might be going to story time. i haven't decided yet. 'santa' is going to be there. we don't do santa, as i've stated a gazillion times already, so if you haven't read all those gazillion posts and want to know why we don't comment and i'll explain. so anyways. amelya knows santa is not real. and for those of you who didn't know that already, sorry you were lied to. he's fake. he's a guy in a costume and sure won't be coming down that chimney. anyways i get off track. so i struggle with bringing them to storytime because am i confusing them? i guess not too much. they've see 'santas' before and i always tell them he is just dressed up and he doesn't bring presents mom and dad do. although amelya always is persistent it's just me. (but she's kind of right it's me...spending dad's money) so do i bring them and just 'prep' them before? or do i just skip it altogether? my friend also doesn't do santa and brings her girls to storytime too and i know she wasn't sure about it either. maddie is breigh's age (2 and a half...already?!? a half wow) sooo do they 'get it'? i'm not sure. but regardless santa is something they will always see. so is it okay to purposely expose them to it? i just don't know. so we'll see. if anything we'll go. they'll cry at the guy at the suit and i'll just explain to them it's just a guy in a suit and that's that. they won't 'sit on santa's lap' they won't get a picture. so who cares? right? i'll let you know. because i'm sure again you are so curious to know.

alright. i need to think of something for supper. maybe frozen pizza. that's always the easy route. and then it doesn't make dishes. because we can use paper plates. hmmm. that's sounding real good. considering the dishes in the dishwasher need to be taken out because they're clean and then the overflowing sink can go in the dishwasher...well not the sink, ack you know what i mean. i think i may be a bit tired. that's when i start getting crazy. well more crazy than my normal crazy. so toodles. and please root for michelle. i'll be thinking of you while planting my tookie. :0)

5 loving words from you.:

Jen said...

planting your tookie, eh? I'll be on the elliptial for a marathon! A friend of mine does her elliptical machine the entire 2 hours she watches Biggest Loser. I figure if she can do it...I can to! Plus..in honor of the big finale...I should do something extraoridinary right? he he..so while your planting your tookie..think of me sweating my tookie off! :o)

Ps. About Santa..we don't do Santa either...but my kids still have fun doing all the regular Christmas activities that involve Santa. They know it's just a dude dressed up...but that's still fun. Kind of like the easter bunny or cupid I guess.
I say go. It's fun for the kids and an easy thing for you to do.

Megryansmom said...

Just stopping over from Blogstalkers to say hello!

Jen said...

well, well, well....whaddya think? you got your wish! :o)

-stephanie- said...

You know you're from WI when you say "ack". ;o)

We don't do Santa either, and my kids have been explained to about him. However, my 4 year old thinks he's pretty neat, and likes to see him around places. No lap sitting or pictures though. ACK.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Wow! More people than I thought don't subscribe to the Santa idea. Interesting. Makes sense, though. There are things about the approach that I definitely like. Jen made a good point...SC is similar to the Easter Bunny, etc. You should take your kids to the story time. Fun Christmas activity, regardless of the man in red. :)

Can't wait to debrief about Biggest Loser!


PS: My follow-up to the bloggy award is coming soon. Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet. Haven't forgotten the wonderful love you sent my way.