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Friday, December 19, 2008


that's ME.

darn. i hate colds. this is my first one of the season. and it's a doozy. i didn't want to go TWO DAYS without posting....you all might get worried again.

yesterday i got my haircut!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my haircut, and i haven't had it cut in quite awhile. since before dustin was born in fact. so it's been over two months. i was planning on taking a picture yesterday to share with you guys. but i didn't. and since today winter storm dawn is here and i'm not leaving my house and i don't feel good so i'm NOT taking a shower. no picture for you. i got them cut short. well to my jaw. and then high lights and some low lights. figured we'll stay a tad 'darker' for winter. i in fact was debating going dark again. i did two years ago. went really dark. it was fine. it looked like i had tons of hair. which is nice. because i so do not have tons of hair. but i decided to stay a little blonde. shaun likes them better that way. and i don't keep it just because of that. but i like to keep my man happy, and wanting me. :0) lol. truthfully, because he is a boy, i don't think the hair color matters THAT much. ;0) at any rate i feel 'cute' so the haircut was a success. i like to feel 'cute'. it's funny though because growing up i remember HATING it if my mom called something cute. and i sure don't hate myself.

and guess what!?!? breigh had her first haircut too. she wanted them cut because me and amelya did. so i figured sure. she really doesn't have much hair TO cut. but carol found some and it looks super. okay really...you can't even tell. but she still is cute regardless! and she was so proud of it. i saved a chunk of her little curl and we're all set. amelya had a trim. and you can tell a bit on her hair. but she loves it and can tell she feels so special. for awhile i had all four kids at the shop myself. i brought along the single stroller to put caitlyn in, dustin stayed in the carseat and the other two just stood by me or sat on a small stool. my sister came after work and took them to her house. but they were there for a good forty five minutes. and they were good.

which brings me to my next question...do people just not SEE good kids anymore? amy said when she left all these ladies made comments on how good they were, how they wouldn't have even guessed there were four kids, and the receptionist told them to come back anytime and followed with i don't say that to everyone. a few weeks ago when i had them at the resturant after dance i got the same comment from someone sitting behind us. 'i didn't even know there were four kids back here'. am i the only parent who EXPECTS my kids to behave in public? am i the only parent who BRINGS my kids in public? i don't think so. so why do these people ALWAYS tell me this stuff? i hear it all the time.

from little on i've always taken my kids places. most of the time, by myself to walmart or the grocery store. i've taken them out to eat quite a bit too. when i can get help...i TAKE it. but a lot of times it is just us. they've grown up knowing what is expected of them. and they know when i say we will leave without eating...i mean it. we WILL leave. i've never had to leave yet. but i follow through with other things i tell them, so i think then they realize that i mean that too. i always try to follow through with my 'threats' i do not give them 'empty threats'. that's when they learn...ohhh i can walk all over my mommy. WELLLLL this mommy ain't getting walked on. and my kids know and understand that. so maybe that makes my kids different than SOME. but not ALL kids. my kids are going to be my friends...only after they are my children. i NEED to be their mommy first and friend second. i look forward to being my children's friend, but they need to have the respect for my as their mommy first and foremost. without 'rules and regulations' i'd be raising a bunch of crazy children. i don't place to high of expectations on them either...and yes my children were being a little loud at the resturant this week, but i explained to them that this is NOT the place to be loud at, they can be loud at home or outside. so they needed to stop or we were going to leave. and well guess what? they listened. and at mcdonald's in the playland...they can be loud. that's an acceptable place. they've learned that and understand that AFTER and ONLY AFTER they are done eating they can go play and have fun. and they know that when i say one more time down and we're leaving. it's ONE more time. and they leave with me. they don't 'talk ME into things' i talk THEM into things. I AM THE MOM. not the pushover. i always try to give warnings to at places like that. like okay pretty soon we're leaving. and then i tell them one time a little later. that way they've been warned and don't fight it. and 90 percent of the time. it works. amelya has cried a little a few times, but still leaves and doesn't through a fit. and if she does through a fit, like at the mall last week, no treats. we were going to get a cookie. she through a fit when we were in the bathrooms. after that she asked for a cookie. i asked her if she thought she deserved one after throwing a fit. wanna know her answer? she said. NO. and i said you're right. and we didn't get a cookie. so she KNOWS what is expected and because she is human, still fails, but then learns from her failures and probably won't be throwing a fit and get a cookie next time. i could've given in to those beautiful blue eyes and my hungry for the best peanut butter cookies in the whole world stomach but i didn't. she learned that what mommy says is what mommy means. simple as that. so none of us got cookies. maybe next time, i hope so!

sorry to go into all of that. guess that's where my mind felt the need today. but now all my girlies are awake. dustin, who is going to be TWO MONTHS old on monday is still sleeping. but he slept through the night til five this morning!! he's been doing that for almost a week and a half or so. usually it's been til four, but the past two mornings it's been five!! woo hoo. and since i went to bed after feeding him at 9. i got a super night's sleep.

tomorrow i have to finish our christmas shopping. sunday we have christmas out to eat with my mom's side of the family and then after that we're going by my mom and dad's house to celebrate christmas with them and my sister and her husband. (that sounds weird to say yet) i also need to finish addressing my christmas cards. and then get stamps to mail them so people get them BEFORE christmas. i'm handing out most of what i can though. so okay. if i don't see you tomorrow, be rest assured sunday i'll be too busy as well. but i'll SO be back for not me monday. :0)

5 loving words from you.:

Following Him said...

FEEL better girl...I have the junk too and I absolutly hate it :( As for the kiddos...I believe that parents teach them what they need to know. There is no good kiddo at first...it takes time for them to understand.

Hang in there!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

I am with you on the behavior in public thing. The boys are always out with us, and Tommy is expected to behave, and he does. I don't understand the let-your-kids-run-around-the-restaraunt mentality. We also have learned to accept the limitations of a two year old (ie a 3 hour meal is not an option and not fair to him). We have also started the 1-2-3 warning system (our daycare does it too). It works like a charm for us, we hit 3 you hit time out. I am so glad to know that we are not the only parents that expect our children to behave and are teaching them how to!!

Hope you and your kids have a nice cozy day inside safe from the storm, we are going to be hunkering down here as well...

-stephanie- said...

We parent the same way when it comes to our kids being in public. Give us a pat on the back for that. :o)
I was at Picture People yesterday, and some little girl was totally walking all over her mom. It was not pretty. I thought, c'mon lady, be the MOM!
Take care of yourself so your cold is gone before Christmas. Can't wait to see a picture of your new "do".

He And Me + 3 said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon. It is no fun when the Mommy doesn't feel well.
That is awesome for you to take all 4 out and get so many compliments. That is major pats on the back for you!

Jill said...

I love it when strangers compliment our girls on their behavior in public. We consider it to be positive reinforcement for future outings.

It's a sad world we live in when misbehaving is the norm. :(

Hope you get better before Christmas. :)